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October, 2011


October 24, 2011  1:58 PM

Linux Con: Europe

Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

Letting everyone who reads my blogs to know that if you can't attend the Europe LinuxCon, they're offering free streaming for Wed., Thurs. & Fri. seminars.  While it doesn't look to be an all-day free streaming (I could be wrong), the streams are at least highlighting some important aspects of...

October 23, 2011  1:57 PM

Mounting TrueCrypt Volumes Remotely

Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

While testing new security possibilities...

October 13, 2011  11:13 AM

ArchLinux Package for sinfo

Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

In this month's issue of Linux Journal, they wrote about a CLI network monitoring tool called sinfo. At first it looked like a great program to explore the network a little bit, as you can use it to also monitor remote computers as...

October 12, 2011  1:00 PM

Bash Script for SSH Key Generation

Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

I've mentioned a good couple of times here on how to set up SSH key authentication, as well as some benefits to it.  But, I was always wondering how (and if) I could make it more automated.  Then it hit me, there's always ssh-keygen's wonderful man pages!  A good hour or two later, I've come up...

October 2, 2011  11:33 PM

[PHP] Page Authentication

Eric Hansen Eric Hansen Profile: Eric Hansen

Ever wondered how you can make sure people don't view a page they're not supposed to (i.e.: restrict them from accessing certain files in /var/www/domain.com/topsecretdocs/files_list.php)? Well, most people come up with the idea of putting a define() in the page that calls the file in question (in...


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