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February, 2011


February 25, 2011  1:04 PM

Software VPN vs. SSH: Which is better?

Posted by: Eric Hansen
configuration, debate, ease of use, security, speed, SSH, VPN

In the IT world lately there's been a lot of buzz about VPN, and how to effectively use it for remote administration.  During this time, it seems a lot of people are forgetting the roots of remote administration (at least within the last few years), when VPN was just starting to get recognized...

February 21, 2011  4:17 PM

Drive Encryption (feat. TrueCrypt) Part 2

Posted by: Eric Hansen
drive, encryption, how to, install, tip, truecrypt

Installation Unfortunately, TrueCrypt's official website does not offer a simple click-this-link-to-download, instead you have to choose between a GUI (x86 or x64) or CLI (x86 or x64) version. As my server's pretty old (read: very, very old), I had to use the x86 version, so I...

February 16, 2011  1:47 PM

Drive Encryption (feat. TrueCrypt) Part 1

Posted by: Eric Hansen
drive, encryption, truecrypt

Preface “Who's going to look in this file named 'top secret details.xls'?” Does this type of question sound familiar? In the IT world, it should be like a second language of sorts the types of questions we get. However, once this user gets that file stolen by some means,...


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