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SAN routing

Discussion  SAN (storage area network) routing is a technology used for interconnecting SAN islands (separately designated logical portions of a storage area network) within a larger network.

Last updated: May 8, 2014   2:44 AM GMT  
What has been the impact of storage virtualization on SAN deployments?

Discussion  I really have not seen storage virtualization driving storage area network (SAN) deployment...

Last updated: Jul 17, 2014   4:19 PM GMT  
IP SAN storage creates reoccurring revenue for VARs

Discussion  IP storage area networks (IP SANs) will create reoccurring revenue for resellers highly trained with IP SANs.

Last updated: Jun 6, 2014   10:20 PM GMT  
NAS or SAN for Oracle Fail Safe

Discussion  Should Oracle Fail Safe be implemented with network-attached storage (NAS) devices or a storage area network (SAN)?

Last updated: May 30, 2014   1:13 AM GMT  
Audit your SAN's security risks

Discussion  This tip describes checklists for auditing the security of your storage area networks (SANs).

Last updated: Dec 12, 2013   2:46 AM GMT   |    SAN security, Storage Security
Storage area network (SAN) management reliability

Discussion  Storage area network (SAN) management reliability and uptime can be enhanced by incorporating good architecture.

Last updated: Jun 18, 2014   5:06 PM GMT  
Controlling storage area network server sprawl

Discussion  Breaking storage area network (SAN) growth into units, resellers can provide the most efficient infrastructure.

Last updated: Jun 18, 2014   5:06 PM GMT  
Storage area network basics: A SAN quiz

Discussion  Take our storage area network basics for beginners quiz and test your knowledge of SAN technology.

Last updated: Jul 6, 2014   2:13 PM GMT  
Storage area network (SAN) architecture efficiency

Discussion  Efficient storage area network (SAN) architecture can be achieved through smart use of SAN components which minimize the SAN fabrics needed.

Last updated: Nov 12, 2013   1:13 PM GMT  
SAN sizing: Get the right SAN for your needs

Discussion  Storage area network sizing is an essential part of a SAN evaluation. Here are some SAN sizing tips to ensure a best-fit SAN solution for your organization.

Last updated: May 4, 2016   8:53 PM GMT  
Storage area network (SAN) scaling requires forethought

Discussion  Storage area network (SAN) scaling must take into account disaster recovery, storage growth and storage management considerations. From ensuring strong SAN security to regular SAN backups, find out what steps you must take to successfully build out a SAN.

Last updated: Oct 15, 2013   4:29 PM GMT   |    SAN, SAN Backup, SAN Scaling
Storage consolidation saves telecom millions

Discussion  With storage costs rising, a storage area network (SAN) was the clear economical answer for Aliant Telecom.

Last updated: Jun 19, 2014   0:43 AM GMT  
Storage area networks (SAN) vs. network-attached storage (NAS) for virtual storage

Discussion  Is a storage area network better than network-attached storage for virtual storage? See why many organizations virtualize only SAN storage, leaving NAS for secondary tasks.

Last updated: Jun 21, 2014   3:14 PM GMT  
SAN School on

Discussion is excited to announce the new semester is starting for the most comprehensive online storage area network (SAN) learning tool -- SAN School.

Last updated: Nov 12, 2013   5:29 AM GMT  
Storage area network (SAN) IP protocol options

Discussion  Storage area network (SAN) protocols are not only limited to iSCSI and FC – IP storage is another SAN option

Last updated: Jun 7, 2014   4:37 AM GMT  
Tutorial: SAN storage for Microsoft Exchange Server

Discussion  Learn the pros and cons of implementing a storage area network (SAN) for Microsoft Exchange Server and how SAN storage technology works.

Last updated: Jun 7, 2014   8:19 PM GMT  
virtual storage area network (VSAN)

Discussion  A virtual storage area network (VSAN) is a logical partition in a storage area network (SAN). VSANs allow traffic to be isolated within specific portions of a storage area network.

Last updated: Jan 20, 2014   6:21 AM GMT   |    Virtual storage, vSAN
Storage area networks change management primer

Discussion  Storage area network (SAN) change management tools -- that include SAN configuration management and performance monitoring -- make it possible for network managers to implement change without causing application outages.

Last updated: Jun 17, 2014   11:18 PM GMT  
Planning storage area network capacity growth

Discussion  To address ongoing storage capacity issues clients will want to expand their storage area networks (SANs) -- but how to do that is dependent upon various storage networking factors.

Last updated: Oct 15, 2013   3:38 PM GMT   |    SAN, Storage Area Network, Storage Networking
Compaq gets twin kudos from Gartner

Discussion  Gartner recently ranked Compaq as the world's number one supplier of storage area networks (SANs) based on 2000 sales.

Last updated: Dec 11, 2013   4:50 AM GMT   |    Compaq, SAN, Storage Area Networks
soft zoning

Discussion  Soft zoning is used to allocate resources and control access in a storage-area network (SAN).

Last updated: Jan 15, 2014   7:18 PM GMT   |    Soft zoning
hard zoning

Discussion  Hard zoning is used to allocate resources and control access in a storage-area network (SAN).

Last updated: Dec 30, 2013   5:02 PM GMT   |    Hard zoning, SAN
LAN-free backup vs. server-free backup in a SAN: Part 1

Discussion  Functional benefits of LAN-free versus server-free backup implementations using a storage area network (SAN).

Last updated: May 28, 2014   2:12 PM GMT  
Storage area network basics you need to know before you buy a SAN

Discussion  Before you buy a SAN for your SMB, be sure to review these storage area network basics first.

Last updated: Nov 15, 2013   11:31 PM GMT   |    SAN, Storage Area Network
Security benefits of storage area networks

Discussion  Jeff Boles explains some of the security benefits of storage area networks (SANs) in this Ask the Expert question.

Last updated: Jul 6, 2014   1:29 PM GMT  
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