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SSD (solid-state drive)

Discussion  An SSD (solid-state drive or solid-state disk) is a storage device that stores persistent data on solid-state flash memory. (Continued...)

Last updated: Mar 12, 2014   5:37 AM GMT   |    SSD
SolidFire develops all-SSD system for cloud storage providers

Discussion  Startup SolidFire builds solid-state storage array from the ground up to handle block storage demands of cloud providers.

Last updated: Mar 14, 2014   6:35 PM GMT   |    Cloud storage, SolidFire, SSD
solid-state storage

Discussion  Solid-state storage refers to non-volatile storage based on flash memory. This type of storage is used in solid-state drives.

Last updated: May 14, 2015   2:52 PM GMT   |    Solid-state storage
Solid-state storage technology: Transforming storage with NAND flash

Discussion  Solid-state storage technology is poised to revolutionize data storage with new implementations of NAND flash; discover the benefits of solid-state storage.

Last updated: Dec 13, 2013   7:21 PM GMT   |    NAND, SSD
Tiering evolves as new technologies, services, add new tiers

Discussion  Cloud storage and solid state disks are changing the way business thinks about storage tiering.

Last updated: May 4, 2016   10:32 PM GMT  
Analyst Dennis Martin discusses today's solid-state storage devices

Discussion  In this 2012 Storage Decisions TechTalk interview, analyst Dennis Martin discusses solid-state storage devices.

Last updated: Jul 28, 2014   3:21 PM GMT  
Tech Watch: Solid prospects for solid state storage drives

Discussion  Advances in solid state technology are increasing the appeal for enterprise use of solid state storage. Learn about the developments that could impact your customers' storage choices.

Last updated: Nov 24, 2013   10:19 PM GMT   |    Solid-state storage
Solid State Storage Performance Test Specification (SSS PTS)

Discussion  Solid State Storage Performance Test Specification (SSS PTS)is a set of procedures for evaluating the performance of NAND-based solid state storage (SSS).

Last updated: Jul 8, 2014   0:43 AM GMT  
Storage admins mull SSDs at SNW

Discussion  Storage pros at Storage Networking World begin to evaluate solid-state storage products, but remain cautious.

Last updated: Jul 8, 2014   1:08 AM GMT  
Cenatek has new take on solid state storage

Discussion  Solid state storage company Cenatek has acquired two products from drive developer John Lajoie Consulting.

Last updated: Jul 8, 2014   0:33 AM GMT  
Competing with solid-state/flash storage vendors - Solid-state/flash storage technology: Customer insight

Discussion  Do organizations purchase their solid-state/flash storage technology through resellers or directly from vendors?

Last updated: Oct 23, 2015   12:43 AM GMT   |    flash storage, Solid-state storage
Solid-state storage technology isn't just about speed

Discussion  Solid-state storage technology can enhance performance and reduce costs across the entire IT environment.

Last updated: Mar 5, 2015   6:44 PM GMT   |    Solid-state storage
Four ways to use solid-state disk

Discussion  Learn four ways to use solid state disk to improve your storage systems' performance.

Last updated: May 4, 2016   10:28 PM GMT  
Kerns: SSD future as primary storage

Discussion  As solid-state drive pricing drops, SSD's future will see rising adoption of solid-state as a primary storage option, according to analyst Randy Kerns.

Last updated: Jan 13, 2014   6:07 PM GMT   |    SSD, Storage
Cheaper MLC NAND flash drives poised to drive enterprise SSD adoption

Discussion  Analysts predict multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash solid-state drives (SSDs), automated tiering will drive adoption of solid-state storage in the enterprise

Last updated: Jul 8, 2014   0:41 AM GMT  
SSDS: More than just a big cache

Discussion  An alternative to traditional tape backup, solid state storage technology uses a solid state disk, which is said to multiply server performance and scalability in applications.

Last updated: Nov 16, 2013   9:16 AM GMT   |    Storage, Tape backup
solid state module (SSM)

Discussion  A solid state module is solid state storage that resides in a Dual In-line Memory Module (DIMM) or similar form factor.

Last updated: Jul 7, 2014   11:49 PM GMT  
IBM GPFS, SSD combo shows promise for file management

Discussion  IBM GPFS scan using Violin Memory solid-state arrays shows the effect solid-state drives (SSDs) and parallel processing can have on data storage performance.

Last updated: May 29, 2014   4:32 AM GMT  
IBM GPFS, SSD combo shows promise for file management

Discussion  Headlines: IBM GPFS scan using Violin Memory solid-state arrays shows the effect solid-state drives (SSDs) and parallel processing can have on data storage performance.

Last updated: Jun 7, 2014   9:55 AM GMT  
Is solid state disk reliable?

Discussion  Part two of our solid state feature looks at the reliability of solid state drives and their role in enterprise storage.

Last updated: May 4, 2016   10:20 PM GMT  
Coming in the October 2011 issue of Storage magazine

Discussion  A sneak peek at Storage magazine's Oct. 2011 issue: The results of our latest Storage Purchasing Intentions survey, storage networking decisions and the state of solid-state.

Last updated: May 29, 2014   6:05 AM GMT  
Primary storage deduplication increasingly at play in all-flash arrays

Discussion  Leah Schoeb of Evaluator Group discusses how primary storage deduplication increases efficiency and longevity of solid-state storage.

Last updated: Nov 15, 2013   4:56 PM GMT   |    Deduplication, Primary storage, Solid-state storage
How a storage accelerator can improve access time and IOPS

Discussion  Solid-state storage accelerators provide extreme IOPS for data center servers running the most storage-intensive enterprise applications.

Last updated: Jul 5, 2014   4:47 PM GMT  
Vendors not yet sure what Flash is for

Discussion  Storage analysts and vendors say they are not yet certain of solid state storage's long-term roles.

Last updated: May 4, 2016   10:29 PM GMT  
SNIA Solid-State Storage Initiative (SSSI)

Discussion  The Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) is an initiative formed by the Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) to help foster and grow the adoption of solid-state storage in enterprise and client environments.

Last updated: Jul 8, 2014   0:53 AM GMT  
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