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How much will you pay for mission-critical IT?

Blog   What criteria do enterprise customers use to deem a workload or application mission-critical? I think it goes something like this: If I dont have access, Im losing money; and if I lose access for a long time, I go out of business. Apparently, non availability of data costs the U...

Last updated: Dec 2, 2009   10:50 PM GMT  |  Blog: You're using your OS for what?   |      applications, Downtime, Enterprise
Midmarket Outpaces Larger Companies in Software Spending

Discussion  Application spending in the midmarket outpaces larger companies -- but why?

Last updated: Jan 22, 2014   0:35 AM GMT   |    It spending, Midmarket, Software
RASP is latest grasp at secure software delivery

Discussion  Runtime application self-protection could provide more secure software applications after delivery, but you need to recognize its limitations.

Last updated: Apr 15, 2015   2:07 PM GMT   |    RASP, Software
Integration between software provider and smart grid application

Answer  How do I integrate my smart grid application with my software provider?

Last updated: Nov 6, 2015   6:53 AM GMT   |    Smart grid, Software
AD login script drive mappings overwriting Citrix application drive mappings

Answer  Here is my scenario: Have an Citrix application that uses the same drive letter that is used by the AD login script. I use groups in the AD login script to map the drive. As long as my user in not in the group, the Citrix application maps the drive and the application runs as it should. I have ad...

Last updated: Aug 17, 2006   11:48 AM GMT   |    Microsoft Windows, Software
Large Enterprise Software Spend - Food Manufacturers

Blog  Application Software Up by 33%. Large food manufacturers are to increase their spend on application software by a third. In 2016 the outlay is 155 per employee but this will increase to over 200 by 2019. Application software is also by far the largest component of overall software expenditur...

Last updated: Dec 5, 2016   12:40 AM GMT  |  Blog: Computer Weekly Data Bank   |      food, manufacture, Software
System i shop retires legacy app, starts fresh

Discussion  Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan enlists the help of Magic Software to build new software to replace its outdated insurance administration application.

Last updated: Dec 12, 2013   5:35 AM GMT   |    Magic Software, Software
Experts flunk out on secure coding practices

Discussion  A recent survey shows software professionals have a basic understanding of application security concepts, but they lack the knowledge to fix the resulting security issues.

Last updated: Nov 24, 2014   6:10 PM GMT   |    Application security, Coding, Software
Employee assessment software matches job hopefuls

Discussion  Software uses brain games to distinguish people and connect them with employers that are looking for applicants with preferred character traits and values.

Last updated: Mar 23, 2015   8:17 PM GMT   |    Employee performance, Software
How can software transplants fix bad code?

Discussion  Copying and pasting bad code into an application is a big problem for developers, but software transplants can help. Expert Michael Cobb explains the technology.

Last updated: Dec 28, 2015   5:35 PM GMT   |    Coding, Software
Optimising performance and security of web-based software

Discussion  On-demand applications are often talked about in terms of how suppliers should be adapting the way their software is provisioned to customers.

Last updated: Jan 12, 2016   3:19 PM GMT   |    Software, Software security
Can you verify software compatibility on IT systems?

Discussion  If you're thinking about deploying an application software package, how do you know if it is compatible with your particular systems and hardware?

Last updated: Jan 12, 2015   1:00 PM GMT   |    Software, Software development
How does software work in any organizations?

Answer  I'm a sales executive and I don't have idea about systems in detail and my question is: In every company, how will they use their system. I just want to know what type of system software and application software will be useful for different department in any company and how many types of software an...

Last updated: Jan 14, 2015   9:33 AM GMT   |    Software

Answer  I have an application written in Visual Basic. The application runs on windows XP system with oracle 8i and Crystal report 8.5 The application suppose to interface with an oracle 8i database. In attempt to run the application it gives this error: 'Run-Time Error 339 component 'CRYSTL32.OCX' or one ...

Last updated: Dec 8, 2006   11:42 AM GMT   |    Data analysis, Database, DB2
Software development

Answer  I want todevelop an Application software. I have knowledge of programming languages but I'm not understanding from where I would start development. I have my own idea. I'm not getting a proper language for development, as I need to develop my application with a great graphics. Also recommend me th...

Last updated: Dec 25, 2012   3:40 AM GMT   |    Software, Software development
Visual C 32Bit DLL controling other applications windows

Answer  I have a VB6 program that starts a 3rd party application. Once the application is running, I call my Visual C 32 bit DLL that finds the window of the application and calls sendmessage to the window with the F5 key. It works fine until a screen saver comes on. From what I have read, screen savers...

Last updated: Oct 4, 2006   2:21 PM GMT   |    Development, Software
Help installing VB 6.0 application on different computer

Answer  I have a visual basic screen scraping application that scrapes data from a terminal screen and places it in SQL database. I have it installed on one computer right now and works perfectly fine. I am trying to move the application to a second computer and I am having so much difficult. When I launc...

Last updated: Jul 2, 2008   1:46 AM GMT   |    Development, Screen Scrape, Software
Why do IT suppliers write better software for themselves than their government customers?

Blog   I blogged back last month about research from software testing firm. The research, known as the appmarq report,  that in the UK government applications were the least changeable of all UK sectors. The less changeable the software  the more expensive and costly it is to replace. Funn...

Last updated: Oct 6, 2010   3:16 PM GMT  |  Blog: Investigating Outsourcing   |      "IT consultancies", appmarq, Cast
XP - Add or Remove Programs not working

Answer  My hard drive recently died. Bought a new drive and re-installed OS (XP home). Added addtional applications and recovered data off crashed drive. Wanted to remove some of the applications. Went to "Add or Remove Programs" and all that would appear is "Please wait while the list is being populated......

Last updated: Jan 13, 2006   11:23 AM GMT   |    DataCenter, Desktops, Hardware
The Itunes Music Library file cannot be saved. An unknown error occurred (-1450)

Answer  I keep getting this error: The Itunes Music Library file cannot be saved. An unknown error occurred (-1450) I've uninstalled Itunes, removed all the Itunes Directories (in My Documents/Documents and Settings/*/Application Data) and all references in the registry.. Still getting this error..

Last updated: Jan 15, 2006   9:55 PM GMT   |    Development, Software, Tech support
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