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Oracle + Sun: Whos happy and whos not

Blog   Full Disclosure: First of all, I was a Sun employee just 8 months ago. While I am not currently a Sun employee, myself and/or my company does consulting work for Sun from time to time. I also work with other storage vendors as well, including significant work with EMC. Suffice to say, this b...

Last updated: Apr 21, 2009   10:59 PM GMT  |  Blog: Taylor's Take on Storage   |      cisco, EMC, HDS
p2p network

Answer  In unstructured peer to peer network, is it possible to have more than one connections for each node?

Last updated: Jan 27, 2010   6:17 AM GMT   |    Java, Java Database Connectivity, Java Swing
on java develop secret cod conversion tool

Answer  on java develop secret cod conversion tool

Last updated: Apr 30, 2010   7:03 PM GMT   |    Java, Java development
Get user id in CGI RPG program

Answer  Please, kindly advise on this issue I am having. Program is coded in RPG and is a CGI module. I tried to get user-id from program data structure, but this "UserID 254 263", but it shows QTMHHTTP, because this pgr runs on HTTP server. How else can I obtain real user-id of the user who is envoking the...

Last updated: Aug 12, 2009   6:31 PM GMT   |    CGI, Java, RPG
JDBC Connection from JAVA to iSeries DB

Answer  I have a simple class that resides on my local drive. I am attempting to connect to iSeries I5V4 environment and do "select" from one of the DB files. When I run my .class file in Rational Application Development I ghet a "class not found" exception. How do I set classpath in RAD? Should my applicat...

Last updated: Aug 12, 2009   6:39 PM GMT   |    Java, Java Database Connectivity, JDBC
Plans and Guidelines for a Web Application Project

Answer  Hello there fellow users, I have been entrusted with the task of designing and implementing a financial system for a charity foundation where I live. The charity foundation requires its work (addition and retrieval of records, for example) to be done online, using a web app. The app connects to a da...

Last updated: Oct 13, 2009   1:17 AM GMT   |    Apache, ASP.NET, Java
JAVA classpath

Answer  Open Source team coded a series of Java .jar apps that I have placed in IFS in root/JAVA_HOME folder. I need guidance on how to create a CLASSPATH to the IFS folder so my CLP can call the JAVA app. Do I define the CLASSPATH in the CLP or set up WRKENVVAR? Is there a better solution for placing t...

Last updated: Dec 15, 2009   4:37 PM GMT   |    CLASSPATH, IFS, Java
jni and c++ and java

Answer  How i use jin c++ and java

Last updated: Jan 26, 2010   9:31 AM GMT   |    C++, Java, JNI
Open Source Checkbook Register

Answer  I'm looking to put up a checkbook register on my web server (yes I will be using ssl). I could write one, but I was wondering if anyone had tried any of the redily available ones and what they though about them.

Last updated: Jan 25, 2010   5:06 AM GMT   |    Apache, Java, Linux
to choose a design model

Answer  hello mam, as per your knowledge of this domain, i find it best to consult you with my problems. i am making a avionics video recording system. and i need to decide among the following software testing design models: v-model, rapid application development(RAD). i am unsure of the parameters to be ...

Last updated: Mar 20, 2010   9:10 AM GMT   |    C++, Java
Java Code to Copy AS400 file to SQL Server database/table

Answer  I need Java code to access and copy an AS400 file to SQL Server database/table. It must also copy a specific amount of records from the SQL Server side.

Last updated: May 24, 2010   7:24 PM GMT   |    AS/400, Java, Java code

Answer  hello... i need to block a particular usb port where any flash drive is inserted and prompts for a password... developing everything is handy but i could not find a way to block the usb drive.?

Last updated: Sep 26, 2009   9:06 AM GMT   |    J2EE, Java, USB port security
help me on use input data JAVA

Answer  Hello friends I encountered aproblemi,e import*; public class execute { public static void main(String args[])throws Exception{ char cname; BufferedReader br= new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(; System.out.println("enter a letter"); cname= (char); if(cnam...

Last updated: Mar 18, 2010   4:04 AM GMT   |    Java, Java developers, Java programming
GC Heap/heap Size

Answer  Does anyone know what this message is and how to fix? /QEJBSVR/METALWEB JAVA USED 85% OF THE GC HEAP. USED HEAP SIZE(KB) AND MAX HEAP(KB):222890 262144.

Last updated: Apr 16, 2010   12:44 AM GMT   |    AS/400, Heap Size, iSeries applications
How to access the ID Vault documents using java or c API

Answer  Hi all, Based on the new feature(ID vault) implemented in domino 8.5, i would like to access this new feature(idv vault) using java api. Like i want to mark it for inactive in id vault database for a particular user. and how to change the name. Regards, Sankar

Last updated: Aug 3, 2009   8:32 AM GMT   |    API, C#, ID Vault
.net java and abap

Answer  Hi I have two years of dotnet development experience . I am trying to move into SAP. Whats the best to opt for in Netweaver i.e Java or ABAP or there are any opportunities for this on dotnet platform. Which should be most promising for future. Googling I came to know Java is giving a backseat to ...

Last updated: Aug 6, 2009   1:26 PM GMT   |    .NET, ABAP, Java
RPG Program in MSGW status blocks Java Application

Answer  Hello. I'm looking for the best way to identifying when a RPG program called from java is waiting for a message response (MSGW status). When this situation ocurrs, my java application waits for the RPG execution returns, indefinitely.

Last updated: Dec 15, 2009   9:22 PM GMT   |    AS/400, Java, ProgramCall
How can I get the name of a "String" variable/object returned to a usable string in my program ?

Answer  I have a function that takes"String arg1" as its single input argument. If I call this function passing a string myName to it to use as arg1, how can I get the characters "myName" stored in another string? In other words,I need to extractthe name of the variable/object being passed, not its c...

Last updated: Apr 20, 2010   7:37 PM GMT   |    Java, Java development, java script
Reduce the response time when querying the database

Answer  I am working on a plain java/J2ee project with Oracle 9 at the backend. The issue comes when I am querying the DB and more than 10000 records are retrieved. I cant change the business logic much, since the code is developed by some other people and Im not allowed to do so. Any tuning which we ...

Last updated: Jun 11, 2010   8:06 PM GMT   |    Database query, Java, Storage in 2010
How do I determine the Java_Home?

Answer  I am trying to develop an installation package for a piece of java software that calls the %JAVA_HOME% environment variable in order to call the libraries. I guess my real question would be how do I create the environment variable based on the highest version of java installed on the PC. Currently m...

Last updated: Jun 11, 2010   10:29 PM GMT   |    Environment Variables, Java, Software installation
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