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Are your healthcare applications on FHIR?

Blog  As the cynics are fond of saying, the nice thing about standards is that there are so many of them. Nevertheless, if you build applications that in any way deal with healthcare, you should consider adding yet another one, HL7 FHIR, to your vocabulary. It's part of the movement to drive paper out of ...

Last updated: Aug 27, 2015   2:46 PM GMT  |  Blog: Head in the Clouds: SaaS, PaaS, and Cloud Strategy   |      Application development, Healthcare IT, RESTful Web services
Standardized connectivity protocols lead to growth of IIoT apps

Blog  Smart cities are currently positioned to most positively benefit from the growth of connected infrastructure. Some cities around the world, especially in India, have invested heavily in the infrastructure necessary to create a smart city. Other countries, however, have been slower to follow suit for...

Last updated: Mar 23, 2017   4:28 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Application development, Developers, Enterprise IoT
Making sense of IoT interoperability

Blog  In the beginning, we had M2M. Then came IoT. With the industrial IoT and challenges around IT/OT integration, we see terms like cloud, edge and fog computing. Now, the hot-topic term is interoperability. Interoperability appeals to a technology industry that routinely churns through new buzzwords a...

Last updated: Jun 22, 2017   6:01 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      GATEWAY, Internet of Things, Interoperability
Will industry muscle win in the IoT standards war?

Blog  My previous article analyzed how many IoT standards bodies and consortia there are, and it went on to list many of them including Thread, IPSO Alliance, AllSeen Alliance, IIC, oneM2M, FiWare and Open Connectivity Foundation. I also mentioned IoT connectors like IFTTT. They are all well-meaning organ...

Last updated: Apr 14, 2016   4:15 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Internet of Things, iot, standards
How to bring order to IoT's spaghetti junction?

Blog  When I think about the industrial internet of things, just like pretty much everyone else, I get excited about its huge potential to transform our world through new efficiencies, reduced risk and enabling entirely new business models. However, I must admit that the second thought that springs into m...

Last updated: Jun 7, 2017   5:27 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Fragmentation, Internet of Things, iot
A world with more IoT standards bodies than IoT standards

Blog  As a vendor in the Internet of Things, we recently decided to research and evaluate whether to join a standards committee to begin influencing how tomorrow's IoT standards get defined. What an eye-opener. I found at least 20 such initiatives focusing on connecting the Internet of Things together, an...

Last updated: Mar 18, 2016   2:33 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Internet of Things, iot, standards
2016: A look back at the year of the internet of things

Blog  As we prepare to say goodbye to another calendar year, I am often asked about my thoughts on the previous year and predictions for the upcoming one. While I don't fancy myself a fortune teller, I am always happy to have the discussion. Taking a look back at 2016, I thought I would shed some light on...

Last updated: Dec 21, 2016   6:58 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Data Analytics, Enterprise IoT, Internet of Things
Open standards will drive the proliferation of IoT

Blog  History has shown that in times of great change -- when advances in technology promise to affect everyone and everything around them -- there is a need for people to come together to help direct the development of such technologies for the greater good. One only needs to look back a century or so to...

Last updated: Feb 28, 2017   8:22 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      CoAP, Internet of Things, iot
Proprietary lobby triumphs in first open standards showdown

Blog   Software patent heavyweights piled into the first public meeting of the Cabinet Office consultation on open standards on 4 April, conquering the meeting ballot with a resounding call to scrap the government's policy on open standards.Open source and open standards campaigners complained they hadn't...

Last updated: Apr 13, 2012   4:50 PM GMT  |  Blog: Public Sector IT   |      Open Standards & Open Source, standardization of Government IT, standards
IT Salary Survey infographic; MIT Sloan CFO Summit coverage for CIOs

Blog  Are you happy with your IT job? Many are, according to TechTarget's 2014 IT Salary and Careers Survey, but why? Our brand new infographic reveals some of the reasons behind increased compensation and optimism in IT. Find out how your salary and career compare. "The moment we stop asking questions i...

Last updated: Dec 5, 2014   7:13 PM GMT  |  Blog: CIO Symmetry   |      Breach detection, breaches, CIO
Bridge OT and IT worlds through IoT

Blog  One of the constant themes that any practitioner in IoT deals with is how to bridge the traditionally separate worlds of OT and IT. I recently drove to New York to visit a friend. During the drive, I encountered a lot of bridge construction, resulting in ample time to reflect on the subject. One of ...

Last updated: Sep 7, 2017   5:36 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      convergence, GATEWAY, Internet of Things
Technology-driven business strategies; next big thing in data curation

Blog  Are you prepared for a shift from a business-driven technology strategy to a technology-driven business strategy? It's happening now, and happening fast. Read what a CIO of a multibillion insurance company believes are the five drivers behind this shift to technology-driven business strategies and w...

Last updated: Oct 31, 2014   6:32 PM GMT  |  Blog: CIO Symmetry   |      API, CIO, Compliance
Beyond FU Money

Blog  "Change your organization - or change your organization. Polish up your resume, and save some FU money" - Every career advice answer to a forum question on the internet, ever   Okay, maybe not ever, but this is the standard advice to any problem at work. On the surface, it certainly seems re...

Last updated: Jan 8, 2016   1:37 PM GMT  |  Blog: Uncharted Waters   |      budget, career, IT
The worlds of IT and OT collide within IIoT

Blog  To begin, let's take a look at the definitions of IT and OT separately. Information Technology (IT) refers to the "entire spectrum of technologies for information processing, including software, hardware, communications technologies and related services. In general, IT does not include embedded tech...

Last updated: Nov 2, 2016   3:47 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      IIoT, Industrial IoT, Internet of Things
SOA vendors banding together to verify interoperability

Discussion  Infravio organizes interop group called SOALink to fill standards gap and releases next version of it's registry/repository platform.

Last updated: May 31, 2014   9:06 AM GMT  
How to build an IT vendor management office or standards body

Discussion  Vendor management offices and standards bodies can help large organizations save money on IT purchasing and better manage vendor relations, both critical during a recession.

Last updated: Dec 11, 2013   5:02 AM GMT   |    it management, Vendor management
IT security frameworks and standards: Choosing the right one

Discussion  Expert Joe Granneman introduces several IT security frameworks and standards, and offers advice on choosing the right one for your organization.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2014   5:43 PM GMT   |    Security
ISO/IEC 38500

Discussion  ISO/IEC 38500 is an international standard created to guide corporate governance of information technology (IT). The standard provides broad guidelines and a framework of practices for IT oversight within an organization.

Last updated: May 4, 2016   5:15 PM GMT  
WS-I releases Basic Security Profile draft

Discussion  The WS-I standards organization today released a working group draft of its Basic Security Profile at the Gartner Application Integration and Web Services Summit.

Last updated: Nov 16, 2013   6:25 PM GMT   |    Data security standards, WS-I
Reading a PowerPoint file

Discussion  This code will extract all the text from a PowerPoint file into a Notes database and automatically organize it into a standard template.

Last updated: Jan 27, 2014   7:16 PM GMT  
ISO 27002 (International Organization for Standardization 27002)

Discussion  The ISO 27002 standard is a collection of information security guidelines that are intended to help an organization implement, maintain, and improve its information security management.

Last updated: Jun 13, 2014   10:44 PM GMT  
PCI DSS 3.2 marks the end of an era, not of the standard

Discussion  Does PCI DSS 3.2 mark the end of major updates to payment security compliance standards? Expert Mike Chapple discusses the update and what it means for organizations.

Last updated: Apr 20, 2016   1:00 PM GMT   |    Compliance, PCI DSS
Overheard talking about non-governmental organizations

Blog   ISO is a non-governmental organization. As such, its standards are voluntary, but many of its member institutes are part of the governmental structures of their countries, and ISO standards have found their way into many laws. Information technology professionals are probably familiar with ...

Last updated: Jun 3, 2010   4:15 PM GMT  |  Blog: Overheard: Word of the Day
ISAE 3402 | A New Standard Has Arrived for Reporting on Service Organizations

Blog  ISAE 3402, put forth by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), will play a large and ever-expanding role for reporting on controls at service organizations. The ISAE 3402 standard requires two (2) important components t...

Last updated: May 17, 2010   11:24 AM GMT  |  Blog: Regulatory Compliance, Governance and Security
ISO 22301 (International Organization of Standardization standard 22301)

Discussion  International Organization of Standardization standard 22301 (ISO 22301) is a proposed standard that would call for meeting specific societal security requirements for disaster preparedness and business continuity management systems (BCMS). It is currently in draft form that, if approved, would call...

Last updated: Jul 5, 2014   7:18 PM GMT  
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