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Integrating talent management and core HR systems valuable but tricky

Discussion  Although real-time integration between talent management and core HR systems is desirable, complexity often trips companies up, experts say.

Last updated: Nov 18, 2013   9:03 PM GMT   |    HR, Talent management
The PiP Gambit

Blog  Are performance improvement plans (PiP) a gambit to shuffle people out the front door, or are they actually there to help people? I just finished the new Dan Lyons book, Disrupted, while on a plane flight to Seattle. The book seems equal parts entering a new environment with a terrible attitude, an...

Last updated: May 16, 2016   1:48 PM GMT  |  Blog: Uncharted Waters   |      HR, Management
Which IT Certifications are Worth Paying (and Studying) For?

Blog  There sure are a lot of IT certifications out there. There are at least five for Linux alone. Since all the certification providers charge fees -- often hefty ones -- to take their tests, which ones are the most valuable? For this information we turn to Foote Partners, who research this sort of thin...

Last updated: Sep 23, 2014   10:41 PM GMT  |  Blog: Cheap Computing   |      a, A+ exam, Degree
The People Game

Blog  More than a decade ago, at the cubicle to my right, I heard an argument between a project manager and a programmer. The project manager was saying that "the steering committee had decided" that new functionality "needed to be in this release" and the programmer had to figure out how to do it without...

Last updated: Mar 16, 2015   2:00 PM GMT  |  Blog: Uncharted Waters   |      HR, IT, Leadership
Surprising Secrets of Giving Feedback

Blog  Last month, my colleague, Justin Rohrman, posted a piece on giving feedbackhere. Justin's suggestion was the "Sandwich method." The sandwich starts with a positive mention, then the thing that really needs to change, then ending on a positive note. That might work for getting people to change beh...

Last updated: Jul 20, 2016   5:29 PM GMT  |  Blog: Uncharted Waters   |      Feedback, HR, IT
Stand up for your craft - Security and Log Management

Blog  The other day, I was asked by a friend of mine to do some work for him. The work was right in my wheelhouse - professional content creation - but the sticking point was he didnt want to pay me. This led to a whole discussion over what anyones time is worth and why the most skilled at a job hav...

Last updated: May 29, 2014   1:20 PM GMT  |  Blog: Jeff Cutler's Keys to Security   |      CTO, HR, IT
How To Tell When Someone Is Lying On A Resume

Blog  Over the past two weeks, all of these things have happened to me: A hiring manager told me that occasionally he gets people who look great on paper, interview well, yet cannot do the work at all. He wanted a waiver on his contract, that if the person is let go within two weeks, they would pay noth...

Last updated: Mar 11, 2016   3:14 PM GMT  |  Blog: Uncharted Waters   |      HR
Making Your Technology Career Last

Blog  Today's programmers jump from tech stack to tech stack, learning Ember-React-Angular today and a CSS Compiler Compiler tomorrow. No really, that's a thing. What's a technical person to do to stay active and marketable in their 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond? Navigating a Tech Career in the 2000's Thi...

Last updated: May 15, 2017   5:27 PM GMT  |  Blog: Uncharted Waters   |      career, Employment, HR
Emergency Staffing Solutions

Blog  I have been noticing a pattern in contract staffing lately, it usually starts with an emergency. The client needs an expert with a very specific skill set, and they need that person now. But wait, there's more. There are almost always constraints on this that make the person nearly impossible to fin...

Last updated: Apr 11, 2016   2:57 PM GMT  |  Blog: Uncharted Waters   |      HR, IT staffing, Staffing
How to Fail As a Consultant

Blog  The Deming Institute has a class on "How To Create Unethical, Ineffective Organizations That Go Out Of Business (Many Organizations Do It, But Do You Know How You Do It?)" Similarly, being a consultant is about more than just getting hired and giving advice. It is about getting people to act on you...

Last updated: Feb 28, 2017   1:56 PM GMT  |  Blog: Uncharted Waters   |      Consulting, HR, IT
Director Comey comes to the IT department

Blog   It was a long commute today and a long drive back, which meant I caught the majority of former FBI Director James Comey's Testimony before the Senate and an hour of analysis. About halfway through the analysis I realized that I had heard this story before. In fact it mirrored my own experience. J...

Last updated: Jun 9, 2017   1:13 PM GMT  |  Blog: Uncharted Waters   |      HR, IT, politics
Four questions to ask before switching to SaaS HR

Discussion  SaaS HR is hot, but experts say HR managers must do due diligence to keep from getting burned.

Last updated: Nov 6, 2013   3:37 AM GMT   |    HR management, SaaS HR
Determining requirements for buying human resource management software

Discussion  HR software expert Mary E. Shacklett helps you determine your must-have features and functions when buying HR tools.

Last updated: Apr 27, 2015   5:03 PM GMT   |    HRM, Human Resources
Formal HR management system uptake lags among partners

Discussion  Channel partners often lack a formal HR management system and may not employ the HR processes and best practices they need to manage rapid growth.

Last updated: May 7, 2015   3:24 PM GMT   |    Channel, Human Resources
Oracle Taleo: A robust talent management suite for advanced users

Discussion  Talent management system Taleo enables global companies to simplify HR processes. But it may be too complex for small HR teams.

Last updated: Jun 2, 2014   8:35 PM GMT  
Using SAP Solution Manager to manage scripts in SAP HR

Discussion  SAP HR expert explains how to use SAP Solution Manager along with an eCATT testing tool to test scripts in SAP HR.

Last updated: Jun 3, 2014   4:50 AM GMT  
What is HCM?

Discussion  Read information on Human Capital Management for mySAP HR and where to find more information from SAP HR expert Brian Stewart.

Last updated: Jun 1, 2014   4:19 AM GMT  
Strategic HR requires accurate data and a broad perspective

Discussion  Human resources managers hungering after a 'seat at the table' can achieve strategic HR by connecting metrics to business outcomes, one VP of HR says.

Last updated: Jun 6, 2014   0:23 AM GMT  
With the right metrics for HR analytics, HR can become strategic asset

Discussion  By working with business managers and using HR analytics to identify workforce trends, HR leaders can burnish their image within their organizations.

Last updated: Nov 26, 2013   11:09 PM GMT   |    Analytics, Human Resources
Is the SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite ready to be your only HR system?

Discussion  Steady improvements in core HR, integration, analytics and workforce planning features of SAP SuccessFactors make it viable for all HR needs -- not just talent management.

Last updated: Oct 31, 2016   7:25 PM GMT  
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