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IDC: Desktops still the dominant business choice

Discussion  Despite market erosion and competition from other form factors IDC has found demand for PCs from business remains strong

Last updated: Sep 29, 2015   1:22 PM GMT   |    Desktop, PCs
Free automatic PC inventory

Discussion  Automatically inventory all client desktops using a free utility.

Last updated: Feb 1, 2014   1:30 AM GMT   |    Desktops, PCs
Plan for the desktop-to-laptop migration wave

Discussion  As laptops replace more PCs, companies must have a support program. This tip delves into various issues a company must consider when switching to laptops.

Last updated: Dec 11, 2013   5:13 AM GMT   |    Desktop, Laptops
More tools for converting PCs to thin clients

Discussion  You don't need to replace all your PCs to move to virtual desktops. Here are six non-Windows tools to help you convert old hardware to thin clients for desktop virtualization.

Last updated: Nov 6, 2013   9:21 PM GMT   |    PCs, Thin clients, Virtual Desktop
Cost, applications thwart Macs in business

Discussion  Windows PCs continue to outpace Macs in business. Cost, application options and Apple's desktop and laptop strategy are all issues.

Last updated: Oct 28, 2016   6:19 PM GMT   |    Mac, PCs
How do nonpersistent and persistent desktop management differ?

Discussion  Persistent virtual desktops might be more like physical PCs, but nonpersistent desktops are easier to manage, because they run from one golden image and don't require as much storage.

Last updated: Nov 20, 2015   1:37 PM GMT   |    Desktop
Replacing home PCs with virtualized thin clients

Discussion  Gabe Knuth imagines a world where ISPs deliver virtualized desktops to thin clients in homes the same way cable and telephone services are provided. It's possible, but practical?

Last updated: Nov 6, 2013   9:24 PM GMT   |    PCs, Thin clients
Troubleshooting Fibre Channel host bus adapters in PCs

Discussion  Installing HBAs to connect a desktop system to a SAN doesn't always go smoothly. This tip will help you get the HBA working in short order.

Last updated: Nov 16, 2013   10:08 PM GMT   |    Fibre channel, PCs
Gartner predicts the demise of the desktop PC refresh cycle

Discussion  Data from market analyst Gartner paints a bleak picture of the PC industry, suggesting the era of desktop replacement cycles has ended.

Last updated: Jun 29, 2016   6:39 PM GMT   |    Gartner, PCs
Are virtual desktops as vulnerable to malware attacks as PCs?

Discussion  Administrators still need to worry about malware on virtual desktops, but common VDI configuration and management practices make them inherently more secure than PCs.

Last updated: Dec 18, 2015   4:46 PM GMT   |    PCs, VDI, Virtual Desktop
How can I troubleshoot a frozen PC?

Discussion  Sometimes users' desktops freeze up when they're in the middle of working on them. It's often easier to reimage the PCs, but there are troubleshooting steps you can take first.

Last updated: Mar 14, 2016   2:39 PM GMT   |    PCs
How to extend the life of an old PC

Discussion  Some employees might use old PCs that could use replacing. But if a hardware refresh isn't in your budget, there are some steps you can take to lengthen laptop and desktop lifespans.

Last updated: Sep 13, 2016   2:24 PM GMT   |    PCs
PC running Windows XP won't go into hibernation

Discussion  Since most computers come up out of hibernation much faster than they can reboot, I prefer to hibernate my desktop PC rather than shut it down completely. But sometimes the PC won't go into hibernation. Instead of the hibernation screen, I get dumped back to the Desktop with a warning balloon poppin...

Last updated: Feb 5, 2014   7:45 PM GMT   |    PCs, Windows XP
Remotely access and control Macs and PCs with the LogMeIn app - Top mobile apps for IT administrators

Discussion  The LogMeIn app for Android and iOS lets you remotely access PCs and Macs from your mobile device. The app itself is free, but you'll need to have a LogMeIn Pro subscription. You can try LogMeIn Pro for free for two weeks. Once the initial setup is complete, however, the LogMeIn app gives you access...

Last updated: Mar 26, 2014   6:00 PM GMT   |    LogMeIn, Mac, Mobile applications
I finally made it to Windows 10 - and can't really see why any businesses would do the same

Blog   Microsoft would be happy with me right now - I just upgraded to Windows 10. It was free, as a consumer, of course, so that helped. But frankly, the only reason I did so was because my seven-year old Windows Vista laptop was coughing and spluttering like a dodgy Volkswagen diesel. Apparently I have ...

Last updated: Oct 2, 2015   11:50 AM GMT  |  Blog: Computer Weekly Editor's Blog   |      Desktop, laptop, Microsoft
Intel chipset turns PC into wireless access point

Discussion  Desktop PCs fitted with Intel's Grantsdale chipset will enable users to run wireless networks from their PCs.

Last updated: Aug 20, 2016   5:06 AM GMT  
Will desktop virtualization boost adoption of thin clients?

Discussion  Some solution providers believe desktop virtualization has sparked a renewed interest in thin clients; others think it will simply beam desktop images to traditional desktop PCs.

Last updated: Nov 16, 2013   5:02 PM GMT   |    Desktop virtualization, Thin clients
Microsoft online store adds PCs to roster

Discussion  Microsoft online store's inclusion of desktop, laptop and netbook PCs is sure to irk retail and system builder partners.

Last updated: Dec 12, 2013   3:15 AM GMT   |    Microsoft online store
Thin clients vs. thick clients for desktop virtualization

Discussion  Find out when you should recommend thin clients or PCs (aka thick clients) to your desktop virtualization customers.

Last updated: Sep 17, 2013   8:57 PM GMT   |    Desktop virtualization, Thick clients, Thin clients
NTRconnect Pro

Discussion  NTRconnect Pro from NTRglobal is a powerful solution providing secure, remote access to desktop PCs and Macs.

Last updated: Jul 8, 2014   1:38 AM GMT  
How to manage naming conventions for servers and desktop PCs

Discussion  This user-submitted tip reveals an easy way to manage naming conventions for Windows servers and desktop PCs.

Last updated: Jul 8, 2014   1:23 AM GMT  
Does VDI eliminate the need for antivirus software?

Discussion  The combination of VDI and antivirus software for virtual desktops provides significant security benefits compared to traditional PCs.

Last updated: Nov 6, 2013   9:21 PM GMT   |    Antivirus software, VDI
Effective desktop management can deliver savings of 42%, Gartner says

Discussion  The effective management of desktop PCs can cut the the total cost of ownership by 42%, analyst Gartner has said.

Last updated: Aug 20, 2016   3:53 AM GMT  
Gateway to release PC with hyperthreading chip

Discussion  Gateway is to add Intel's forthcoming Pentium 4 processor to two of its high-end desktop PCs for consumers.

Last updated: Aug 20, 2016   4:14 AM GMT  
Modern endpoint management comes with new rules

Discussion  Desktop administrators need to know that the rules of endpoint management have changed: It's not all about PCs anymore.

Last updated: Apr 25, 2016   7:18 PM GMT   |    Endpoint management
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