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I finally made it to Windows 10 - and can't really see why any businesses would do the same

Blog   Microsoft would be happy with me right now - I just upgraded to Windows 10. It was free, as a consumer, of course, so that helped. But frankly, the only reason I did so was because my seven-year old Windows Vista laptop was coughing and spluttering like a dodgy Volkswagen diesel. Apparently I have ...

Last updated: Oct 2, 2015   11:50 AM GMT  |  Blog: Computer Weekly Editor's Blog   |      Desktop, laptop, Microsoft
Remote intall tool

Answer  I wondered if enyone has used any inexpensive tool to install (push) software on multiple desktops remotely. I work for a nonprofit with about 100 desktop PCs and SMS is an overkill. Victor

Last updated: Sep 30, 2005   10:18 PM GMT   |    Desktops, Management, Microsoft Windows
Growth of PC shipments worldwide

Blog  PC shipments grew faster than expected in the first quarter of 2012, as businesses began upgrading to Windows 7. However the demand for consumer PCs has slowed as more consumers choose tablets and mobile devices as an alternative to traditional desktop PCs.Source: GartnerRead exclusive articles from...

Last updated: May 2, 2012   11:48 AM GMT  |  Blog: Computer Weekly Data Bank   |      Uncategorized
Google Desktop and Exchange server

Answer  Does anyone have any comment on users running google desktop on pcs connected to Microsoft Exchange server? I've read some bad things about rpc issues on the Exchange server by users running it. Any comments would be appreciated.

Last updated: Jul 22, 2009   3:01 PM GMT   |    Exchange 2003, Google desktop, Outlook 2003
Decomposing desktops are a scary thought for IT

Blog  In Steve Herrods keynote at this years VMworld conference, he referred to decomposing desktopswhich I could only picture as a rotting stack of old PCs and Apple Macintosh Pluses in a graveyard somewhere. (Yes, Ive got Halloween on the brain.) However, I think what Herrod meant was...

Last updated: Oct 31, 2012   7:00 AM GMT  |  Blog: Modern Infrastructure Trackbacks
Images deployment for 1000 PCs

Answer  Hi! We are about to deploy 1059 HP PC desktops in a university and I would like to ask which are the best apps that can capture a complete PC and deploy it to the remaining 1000 PCs? I need to deploy OS (win7), 2 apps and desktop utilities like AV,etc. Thanks for your help.

Last updated: Apr 23, 2013   1:21 PM GMT   |    Applications, HP desktops, PC
Overheard: PCs can consume as much as 10% of your home's energy bill

Blog   PCs can consume as much as 10 percent of a home's energy bill and give off as much carbon dioxide as a family car. Martin LaMonica, Edison: Free energy-saving PC software Verdiem offers a free download of their software that monitors desktop Windows PCs and puts them in low-power mode when ...

Last updated: Aug 27, 2008   2:55 PM GMT  |  Blog: Overheard: Word of the Day
Connect Ubuntu desktop to NAS

Answer  We have a Thecus NAS and I'm trying to connect my Ubuntu desktop to it. We're able to connect it with our Windows PCs on our LAN. We're also able to ping the NAS from the Ubuntu PC but we can't see the shared folders. The PCs are on the same home network / subnet using a Cisco home router. Am I miss...

Last updated: Jun 10, 2015   1:56 PM GMT   |    NAS, Ubuntu
Aircard Router?

Answer  Hello everyone, I have some very basic knowledge in networking and am trying to network 2 desktop PCs (1 XP, 1 Vista home) and allow them to use the same aircard for data access. No wired ISP service available in that area, only cell site. No laptop in use either. I have heard of a router making d...

Last updated: Jan 14, 2008   1:48 AM GMT   |    Networking, Routers
Reasons to adopt desktop virtualization

Blog  Desktop virtualization is not the slam dunk that server virtualization is in terms of cost savings. In a recent article, I talked to experts about how the cost of desktop PCs was replaced by even larger costs: new servers, networking components, storage, new talent and so on needed to support a des...

Last updated: Mar 4, 2010   8:40 PM GMT  |  Blog: CIO Symmetry
Network card

Answer  I purchased a Fujitsu Desktop PCs for my office use. I noticed that when I install the wireless network card, my PC gets stuck but when I place my card to other PC its work properly. Please advice what can I do?

Last updated: Jun 14, 2013   8:03 AM GMT   |    Fujitsu, Network Card
Are there any issues to be concerned with desktop Linux deployment ?

Answer  I am in the process of promoting Ubuntu Linux for desktop computer users. I am concerned with the availablity of drivers for many of the external units that most people wish to connect to their PCs. Is this an issue to be concerned with before progressing ?.

Last updated: Nov 19, 2007   3:08 PM GMT   |    Linux administration and management, Linux desktop environment, Ubuntu Linux
Microsoft Enables New Ways to Deploy Windows Vista

Blog  New options to license desktop virtualization and diskless PCs give Windows Vista Enterprise customers more choices, says the director of Microsofts Windows Business Group. Link:

Last updated: Apr 6, 2007   11:35 AM GMT  |  Blog: RTFM Education – Virtualization, VMware, Citrix
Cost of Citrix server licenses?

Answer  Hi Guys, I am interested in implementing a VDI solution and was wondering about the costs of licenses for servers and PCs, whether both are applicable or one or the other. A ball park figure would be nice if you had access to that, cost of licenses for servers and/or desktops? Thanks very much!

Last updated: Dec 9, 2014   11:02 AM GMT   |    Citrix, VDI
Use Wyse thin clients on Internet cafe

Answer  I bought Wyse thin clients on an auction. I would like to use them on my internet cafe to substitutes current PCs so I don't know what to do on my server. I would like to use Windows 7 on my server and core i3 desktop as my server. I have wyse c and v series clients. Thank you.

Last updated: Apr 10, 2016   11:11 AM GMT   |    Thin clients
Can Chromebooks replace PCs?

Blog   ChromeOS and the Acer and Samsung Chromebooks offer people an alternative to Windows-based desktop computing. What was interesting listening to the Google execs yesterday, was the fact that they used the same arguments as Scot McNealy in 1997 when he launched the JavaSation network computer. A...

Last updated: May 13, 2011   12:32 AM GMT  |  Blog: Cliff Saran's Enterprise blog   |      Uncategorized

Answer  Hello IT Pros! Pls help me solve this problem. My Icon do not appear on the client PCs anytime Users log onto the Server(Dell PowerEdge 2600. It happens that you have to manually bring the Icons to the screen anytime the PCs are Booted or Re-booted. This problem persisted and I'v no clue to te solut...

Last updated: Jun 3, 2010   9:41 PM GMT   |    Dell PowerEdge, Dell PowerEdge 2600 Server, Desktop Management
VMware VDI no bargain, analyst says

Blog  I just ran across an interesting article comparing the cost of VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with that of upgrading an existing "rich client" desktop to Vista. According to analyst Barb Goldworm, it ain't all that pretty: The simplified bottom-line pricing comparison (using the very ro...

Last updated: Feb 20, 2008   8:36 PM GMT  |  Blog: The Virtualization Room
Thunderbirds are go!

Blog   So, here we are, on the cusp of deployment of Windows 7 when the first PCs will be deployed with the thin-build installed.  There have been a couple of false-starts along the way as last minute technical issues have been resolved.  Co-existence was a last minute headache - What happens to...

Last updated: Nov 3, 2009   10:06 AM GMT  |  Blog: Cliff Saran's Enterprise blog   |      Uncategorized
LAN vulnerability behind a Router - with firewall - connected to the Ineternet (Through an Open Port!)

Answer  Hi, I would just like some reassurance: I have a Router on my LAN that connects all host PCs to each other and the internet. Qu: How exposed is my LAN behaind the Router that has a port open for internet access (and in future anther for remote desktop terminal connection) would a port scanner see...

Last updated: May 9, 2006   7:28 AM GMT   |    Access control, Browsers, Cabling
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