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Merging Domains

Answer  The company I work for is acquiring another company and I have been tasked with making the two domains coexist. Let's say the domains are and The domain is a mixed mode environment (Windows 2000 and 2003 DCs). The one has Windows 2000 native. Here are my questions. ...

Last updated: Mar 23, 2006   5:00 PM GMT   |    Desktops, Management, Microsoft Windows
Right clicking C Drive - My Computer Crashes

Answer  Dear All, I wonder if you can help me. I have WinXP and using my computer, I right click the C Drive and the following happens 1. Get microsoft error and sending report and then immediately 2. get Dr Watson doing the same. My computer crashes and using ctrl alt del to restore I get another message t...

Last updated: Jan 16, 2006   2:52 PM GMT   |    DataCenter, Desktops, Development
Viridity eases chargeback for server power: News in brief

Discussion  Viridity EnergyCenter can help data center managers charge back for server energy consumption; and other data center news.

Last updated: Sep 5, 2014   9:56 PM GMT   |    Data Center, Data Center management
data center management tips

Answer  Any advice for books on data center management?

Last updated: Nov 26, 2013   4:18 PM GMT   |    Data Center management
Dell rethinks appliances: News in brief

Discussion  Dell updates systems management appliance, and other data center news.

Last updated: Dec 12, 2013   3:42 AM GMT   |    DataCenter, Dell
Data center pros push systems automation limits with Chef

Discussion  Data center pros push Opscode's Chef beyond simple configuration management.

Last updated: Nov 6, 2013   2:46 AM GMT   |    Opscode Chef
Midmarket data center management guides: Tips and best practices

Discussion  Don't get lost in your data center! Learn more about data storage, data center virtualization, green IT and more in our data center management guides.

Last updated: Jan 21, 2014   11:11 PM GMT   |    Data Center management, Midmarket
Data center tutorials

Discussion  SearchDataCenter.coms tutorials provide data center and IT professionals with valuable information for developing a strategic data center plan. Discover data center system management resources and learn best practices for data center design and facilities.

Last updated: Nov 12, 2013   3:45 PM GMT   |    Data Center management, Data center planning, DataCenter
X86 servers drive data center purchases in 2007

Discussion  We surveyed 374 data center managers in North America in our 2007 data center purchasing survey. Find out where your data center dollars are going.

Last updated: Jul 5, 2014   2:36 PM GMT  
Data center management for geographically split data centers

Discussion  Geographically split data centers can reduce disaster recovery time to zero, but splitting data centers requires an intelligent network and savvy data center management.

Last updated: Nov 12, 2013   2:09 PM GMT  
The Planet's Jeff Lowenberg named Data Center Manager of the Year

Discussion's Data Center Manager of the year -- the Planet's Jeff Lowenberg -- improved energy efficiency at his company's data centers.

Last updated: Nov 12, 2013   7:52 AM GMT  
VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite

Discussion  The VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite is a collection of infrastructure-management products for virtual data centers.

Last updated: Jun 16, 2014   2:40 PM GMT   |    VMware vCenter
Sun pushes cloud to IT managers; and data center buildout persists

Discussion  Headlines: Sun pushes cloud to leery data center managers; expert says data center construction continues despite recession.

Last updated: Nov 16, 2013   6:23 PM GMT   |    Data Center construction
DCIM makes itself at home in the channel

Discussion  More data center VARs are building data center infrastructure management practices to eliminate guesswork linked to administrative tasks.

Last updated: Jun 7, 2014   2:22 AM GMT  
Is our data center staffing model squeezing out system administrators?

Discussion  Better data center and system management tools are radically increasing the number of servers to each data center employee.

Last updated: Nov 27, 2013   2:08 PM GMT   |    Data Center, System administrator
Difference between virtualization and consolidation?

Discussion  Data center management expert Charles King explains the relationship between virtualization and consolidation in the data center.

Last updated: Jul 5, 2014   2:52 PM GMT  
Virtualized data centers: A resource library

Discussion  Data center managers use virtualization for basic data center needs, such as server consolidation and disaster recovery, and much more.

Last updated: Jul 6, 2014   2:29 AM GMT  
VDI puts data center networks to the test

Discussion  Virtual desktop infrastructure pulls endpoint management to the core of the enterprise data center, taxing data center networks.

Last updated: Jul 5, 2014   4:05 AM GMT  
Containerized data centers remain niche

Discussion  Containerized data centers aren't ready for prime time -- at least not in the near term -- say data center managers.

Last updated: Nov 16, 2013   10:10 AM GMT   |    DataCenter
Four ways to reduce data center power consumption

Discussion  Data center managers can cut their utility bills by following these four steps to reducing data center power consumption.

Last updated: Jul 5, 2014   5:50 PM GMT  
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