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mobile CRM (mobile customer relationship management)

Discussion  Mobile CRM (mobile customer relationship management) enables remote employees to access customer data and customer accounts wherever they are.

Last updated: Feb 29, 2016   3:45 PM GMT   |    CRM, Mobile
Poor customer data management equals poor customer experience

Discussion  When companies abuse customer data, they abuse the customer relationship. Manage customer data as carefully as you would your own corporate data.

Last updated: Feb 24, 2014   9:15 PM GMT   |    Customer experience management, Data Management
Tech Watch: MSP platforms extend endpoint cloud reach

Discussion  New managed services platform perks give MSPs more relevant customer data.

Last updated: May 1, 2014   0:10 AM GMT  
Leveraging data deduplication for VARs

Discussion  Selling data deduplication to customers allows VARs to help manage storage and keep costs low.

Last updated: Jun 7, 2014   2:16 AM GMT  
Mitigating data storage compliance risks through policies

Discussion  Data management compliance policies are the easiest way for resellers guide customers through compliance issues.

Last updated: Jun 6, 2014   10:04 PM GMT  
CA updates data backup, recovery management software

Discussion  CA's updated data recovery management software for midmarket customers claims simpler management and pricing, faster recovery times and tightened security.

Last updated: Nov 16, 2013   11:54 PM GMT   |    Data backup, Data backup and recovery
Virtualization management tools improve but still fall short

Discussion  The current virtualization management tools still lack capabilities that customers require -- a familiar theme with data center management products.

Last updated: Nov 6, 2013   2:59 AM GMT   |    Data Center management, Data management tools, Virtualization Management
Is customer data quality killing your records management strategy?

Discussion  Customer data is the currency of business today. But customer data quality efforts are often overlooked, which undermines records management strategy.

Last updated: Mar 7, 2014   6:17 PM GMT   |    Customer data, Data quality, Records Management
A guide to using customer data and analytics tools for customer loyalty

Discussion  After years of collecting customer data, companies have a wealth of information about who their customers are and who's loyal, but finding and managing that data is daunting.

Last updated: Jun 8, 2014   8:25 PM GMT  
Customer data integration and data quality

Discussion  Customer data integration (CDI) can help organizations achieve a unified view of the customer, but data quality management comes with its share of challenges. Browse this collection of customer data integration and data quality news, tips and other resources to help you capture, manage and analyze c...

Last updated: Apr 24, 2014   8:27 PM GMT   |    Data integration, Data quality
Customer data management study: How ROI leaders excel

Discussion  Effective customer data management programs are endorsed by executives, centralized by location, and don't require enterprise master data management, an Aberdeen Group study finds.

Last updated: Dec 24, 2013   6:03 PM GMT   |    Data Management, ROI
Best practices in managing customer data

Discussion  A survey by Aberdeen found that effective customer data management initiatives have executive endorsement, a centralized location and don't necessarily need master data management.

Last updated: Jun 8, 2014   3:45 PM GMT  
Data privacy issues present new data governance challenges

Discussion  Data privacy issues are new territory for infosec pros, who face managing new data analysis methods vs. customers' concern with unintended data usage.

Last updated: Jun 15, 2014   3:52 PM GMT  
Master data management and customer analytics

Discussion  The use of a master data management (MDM) program to enable customer data integration and consolidation moves an organization closer to enabling customer analytics that can supplement and enhance an evolving customer knowledge practice.

Last updated: Nov 25, 2013   2:48 AM GMT   |    Customer analytics, Master data management
customer data integration (CDI)

Discussion  Customer data integration (CDI) is the process of consolidating and managing customer information from all available sources, including contact details, customer valuation data, and information gathered through interactions such as direct marketing.

Last updated: Jun 5, 2014   6:55 AM GMT  
SAP users, analysts, seek master data management answers

Discussion  SAP is working to increase the number of customers using SAP Master Data Management, but customers and analysts say little information is available about the software.

Last updated: Nov 12, 2013   4:17 AM GMT   |    Master data management, SAP
Master data management beefs up health club's customer list

Discussion  To improve customer relations, a health club chain launched a multiyear master data management (MDM) initiative. MDM's first target: trimming redundant and inconsistent customer records.

Last updated: Nov 12, 2013   11:42 AM GMT   |    Master data management, MDM
VARs see green in green IT for data center management

Discussion  VARs use green IT strategy to lure customers tackling data center management demands. Many establish green IT initiatives to attract new customers and differentiate themselves from other VARs.

Last updated: Jun 7, 2014   5:47 AM GMT  
CRM analytics

Discussion  CRM (customer relationship management) analytics comprises all programming that analyzes data about an enterprise's customers and presents it so that better and quicker business decisions can be made.

Last updated: May 19, 2014   3:48 PM GMT   |    CRM analytics
marketing automation

Discussion  Marketing automation is the use of software to automate marketing processes such as customer segmentation, customer data integration (CDI), and campaign management.

Last updated: Jun 8, 2014   6:46 PM GMT  
Business Intelligence tutorials and guides

Discussion  Find comprehensive tutorials on topics such as business intelligence (BI), data management, data warehousing, enterprise data integration, customer data integration, enterprise application integration, data quality and data governance best practices.

Last updated: Apr 15, 2016   7:39 PM GMT  
IBM unveils new data management software, services

Discussion  IBM says its new data management software tools and consulting services will help customers turn information into a strategic asset.

Last updated: Nov 12, 2013   8:32 AM GMT  
Nokia Siemens' acquisition of Apertio signals user data consolidation push

Discussion  Nokia Siemens' purchase of customer management provider Apertio might kick off the year of user data consolidation.

Last updated: Apr 23, 2014   5:30 AM GMT  
Converged management, not infrastructure, holds appeal

Discussion  Despite the vendor push for converged data center infrastructures, customers see more appeal in unified management, not hardware.

Last updated: Jun 18, 2014   5:15 PM GMT  
Gartner: Big data will transform customer relationship management technology

Discussion  CIOs need to start thinking how to integrate big data into their customer relationship management (CRM) systems, says technology analyst

Last updated: Jun 3, 2015   3:06 AM GMT  
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