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Towards a cleaner water supply

Blog   My vote for the best exhibitor stand at the RSA conference in London this week goes to Optenet, a Spanish company specialising in web content. Content filtering is becoming such a commodity that I'd normally have just taken a quick glance at the stand, noticed nothing especially innovative, and the...

Last updated: Nov 1, 2008   11:06 AM GMT  |  Blog: David Lacey's IT Security Blog   |      People, risks, Technology
sock puppet marketing

Blog  Sock puppet marketing is the use of a false identity to artificially stimulate demand for a product, brand or service. Continued Quote of the Day "It sounds harmless, but don't be fooled. Sock puppetry on social media outlets is not only unscrupulous, but it may be illegal in some cases." - Laur...

Last updated: Oct 21, 2016   3:31 PM GMT  |  Blog: Word of the Day Archive   |      Technology
Word of the Day: API

Blog  Word of the Day An application programming interface (API) is code that allows two software programs to communicate with each other. Quote of the Day "One practical issue with keeping applications running in the cloud is the sheer number of software API's that change constantly. Keeping up with t...

Last updated: Jul 14, 2014   5:04 PM GMT  |  Blog: Overheard: Word of the Day   |      Technology
Investments in technology reveal IT priorities across the enterprise - Top enterprise IT spending trends and priorities of 2014

Discussion  TechTarget's annual IT Priorities Survey was sent to members and drew 5,241 worldwide respondents, including 1,368 in the U.S. and Canada. The results tell an interesting story: While in past years cloud computing and virtualization have consumed IT departments' focus and investments in technology, ...

Last updated: May 29, 2014   3:01 PM GMT   |    It spending, Technology
Network IPS is Dead - Long Live Application IPS

Blog  Back in 2003 Gartner announced that Intrusion Detection Systems were a costly failure and would be obsolete by 2005. They saw problems with false positives, false negatives, bandwidth limitations and the growing resources needed to carry out monitoring and incident response. Better to invest in fire...

Last updated: Mar 18, 2008   9:25 PM GMT  |  Blog: David Lacey's IT Security Blog   |      Monitoring, Technology
Which technology areas consume most professionals' time? - Top IT job trends you need to know about

Discussion  When asked which three technology areas occupied most of their time, all respondents said at least one topic was application development and design. At 29% each, application management andgeneral IT managementrounded out the top three. The same technology areas were also cited as the top three i...

Last updated: Nov 13, 2014   6:17 PM GMT   |    IT jobs, Technology
Consumerisation is Coming Your Way

Blog  A glimpse of the new Apple MacBook Air reinforces the growing gulf in desirability and performance between the latest consumer-oriented technology and the outdated laptops issued to business executives. At the same time Nicholas Negropontes One Laptop per Child initiative is dragging down the cos...

Last updated: Jan 18, 2008   10:07 AM GMT  |  Blog: David Lacey's IT Security Blog   |      architecture, de-perimeterisation, Technology
GUEST BLOG: Choosing a handheld mobile computer to improve warehouse operations

Blog  In this contributed blog post Paul Reed, regional product manager for Zebra Technologiesdiscusses the technologies retailers should be choosing to increase warehouse productivity. In recent years, the dramatic increase in online shopping has had a huge impact on the retail industry. Long gone ar...

Last updated: Apr 18, 2017   3:59 PM GMT  |  Blog: ITWorks   |      Mobile devices, retail, Technology
IoT from A to Z: How IoT devices impact enterprise mobility programs

Blog  In the world of mobility, acronyms seem to be created every day. To help decipher these terms and clear up some confusion around the industry, we recently partnered with Blue Hill Research to create the Enterprise Mobility Acronym Glossary. With that in mind, I thought an IoT Q&A about some of t...

Last updated: Apr 5, 2017   8:19 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Analytics, Business Intelligence, carrier
Will our digital children be tomorrow's IT power house?

Blog   This is a guest blog from Marco Comastri, EMEA president at CA Technologies.   FASTER internet speeds and improved access mean our children today are being born into a truly digital society.   According to Mashable, 38 per cent of children under two years old use mobile media. With our c...

Last updated: Nov 27, 2013   11:02 AM GMT  |  Blog: ITWorks   |      "CA Technologies", "European Parliament", Business
Improving customer focus with intelligent systems

Blog   In this contriibuted article, Mindtree's Suman Nambiar, europe head of travel and hospitality industry group, and Ranjith Kutty, senior director and head of solutions and new business / travel, transportation and hospitality vertical in North America, discuss how the future of technology will chang...

Last updated: Feb 10, 2016   8:43 AM GMT  |  Blog: ITWorks   |      Airline, Android, Apple
Capgemini Weighs in on Data Virtualization

Blog  New Report Addresses BI Urgency Data Virtualization: How to get your Business Intelligence answers today is the title of a new thought leadership white paper from the Business Information Management group at Capgemini. In it they cover a number of critical data virtualization topics including: The...

Last updated: Feb 13, 2013   5:56 PM GMT  |  Blog: Data Virtualization Leadership Blog   |      Agility, analytics, Business Intelligence
GUEST BLOG: The tech sector needs more female role models

Blog  In this guest blog bySteve Brown, programme Manager at Next Tech Girls, Brown discusses the need for more female role models in the tech industry to encourage girls to pursue tech roles. Gender imbalance in technology has long been a subject of debate and while there have been numerous initiati...

Last updated: Jul 6, 2016   11:55 AM GMT  |  Blog: WITsend   |      "role models", "women in IT", "women in tech"
Consolidation or Proliferation? The Future of Security Products

Blog  On Thursday I attended an excellent seminar organised by Comsec Consulting, a company that is relatively new to the UK but with a long, pioneering history in Israel, The Netherlands and Japan. Nissim Bar-El, their CEO, is a well-known international figure in the Security world. Over the last twenty ...

Last updated: Feb 17, 2007   3:59 PM GMT  |  Blog: David Lacey's IT Security Blog   |      Predictions, Technology
It's crucial we inspire women to consider a career in the industry

Blog   This is a guest blog by Katrina Roberts, Vice President - Global Network and International Consumer Technologies Europe, American Express, from Brighton, winner of 'Leader of the Year in a corporate organisation category - sponsored by BP. The FDM everywoman in Technology Awards are a celebratio...

Last updated: Apr 17, 2014   9:37 PM GMT  |  Blog: WITsend   |      Brighton, career, england
FDM everywoman in Technology Awards 2013 are open for entries!

Blog   The 2013 FDM everywoman in Technology Awards are now open for entries! Designed to recognise the achievements of women working within the sector, the awards will be presented at a glittering ceremony at The Savoy on 19 March 2013.The awards, hosted by everywoman and in association with womenintechn...

Last updated: Sep 7, 2012   10:00 AM GMT  |  Blog: WITsend   |      award, everywoman, fdm
Inspiring a generation in 20 minutes

Blog   This is a guest blog from Adelle Desouza, business marketing executive, at Enlogic   Two weeks ago, the Google Campus in East London played host to a fantastic careers fair aimed at giving young girls more exposure to STEM related careers. Organised by Business in the Community, the Islington ...

Last updated: Jul 26, 2013   2:17 PM GMT  |  Blog: WITsend   |      Education, energy, Technology
Using IoT to bring the online experience to brick-and-mortar stores

Blog  Brick-and-mortar retailers can learn a lot from the online shopping experience provided by e-commerce heavyweights such as Amazon, especially in the upcoming holiday season. By integrating these lessons in their stores with the latest internet of things technology, retailers can enhance the in-store...

Last updated: Nov 29, 2016   8:36 PM GMT  |  Blog: IoT Agenda   |      Customer satisfaction, Customer service, Internet of Things
GUEST BLOG: Why employees are quitting over tech

Blog  In this contributed blog post Keith Tilley, EVP at Sungard Availability Servicesexplains why there is a "me or the IT" attitude amongst employees and what firms can do about it The head down generation so named for the way they are permanently glued to smartphones and tablets are ...

Last updated: Dec 21, 2016   2:07 PM GMT  |  Blog: ITWorks   |      Millennials, Technology
UKTech50 2015 - the next big trends in the IT industry

Blog  In this contributed post, previous guest bloggerAnnabel Sunnucks, intern at CA Technologies, describes her experience at this year's Computer Weekly UKtech50 event. In 2015 I was lucky enough to be invited to the UKTech50 event organised and hosted by Computer Weekly. The event attracts move...

Last updated: Dec 24, 2015   11:02 AM GMT  |  Blog: WITsend   |      CIO, CTO, Millennials
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