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Can SCCM interact with our online SA agreements and assist with licensing compliance?

Answer  I had heard that SCCM can interact with our online SA agreements and assist with licensing compliance, is this true? This question was asked during the Microsoft System Center live chat on IT Knowledge Exchange in January 2010.

Last updated: Mar 2, 2010   3:48 PM GMT   |    Compliance, Licensing, Microsoft System Center
508 Compliance Testing Tool

Answer  I've already searched on the forums, and searched posts relating to 508 compliant testing. My question is, how reliable are the free websites that check your website? I'm looking for a simple tool that could be used to test web-based training for 508 compliance. Anybody have any recommendations?

Last updated: Jan 15, 2010   8:43 PM GMT   |    Compliance, PEN testing, Security compliance
Compliance SOX certification

Answer  Hello, I'm looking to acquiring SOX certification. Are there any additional compliance certifications that your would recommend and through which vendor?

Last updated: Sep 28, 2010   12:32 AM GMT   |    CIO, Compliance, IT certification
Creating abuse and postmaster exchange account

Answer  How do I create an abuse and a postmaster exchange account to be in compliance? I am using Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2007.

Last updated: Oct 12, 2010   3:33 PM GMT   |    Compliance, Exchange 2003, Exchange 2003 security
System Administrators Access in a HR/Payroll System

Answer  Hi I have taksed to define the access rights for sys admins for a HR/Payroll system. The thoughts are divided among the groups here - one, the segretion of duties that should limit any type of user to perform tasks end to end since this is a payroll system; two since it is a sys admin access the use...

Last updated: Aug 10, 2010   2:05 PM GMT   |    Access Rights, Administration tools, Administrator account
Open IT Forum: How do you raise awareness for security compliance in the enterprise?

Answer  We've gotten your opinions on network security from the hardware and software side, but now we want to know what you're doing for compliance. From what your compliance policies are to the creative ways you raise awareness about those policies, share your stories and you might get 100 knowledge poi...

Last updated: Dec 14, 2010   5:48 PM GMT   |    Compliance, compliance management, Network security
Power Point 2003 vs. 2007 PCI DSS Compliance

Answer  Would migrating to Power Point Viewer 2007 change PCI DSS compliance in any way if all patches were applied to 2007? i.e., does the newer version bring anything like ActiveX into the picture?

Last updated: Apr 12, 2011   4:48 PM GMT   |    ActiveX, Compliance, PCI DSS

Answer  Within the GRC cycle, how can IT security compliance be best described?

Last updated: Dec 5, 2012   6:57 PM GMT   |    Compliance, IT security
Expectations from a compliance mapping project?

Answer  What is the by product you'd expect from a firm that promises to come in to your organization to conduct a compliance mapping of all your regulatory controls?

Last updated: Jul 23, 2009   3:49 PM GMT   |    Compliance, Compliance mapping
Corporate culture plays huge role in SEC investigation, enforcement

Blog  Four years ago, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced an initiative that offered incentives for assisting with SEC investigations and enforcement. The goal was to help investigators gain first-hand evidence to build strong cases, and to act quickly on them. The initiative included "cooper...

Last updated: May 22, 2014   5:14 PM GMT  |  Blog: IT Compliance Advisor   |      CIO, Compliance, Corporate culture
Lost QSECOFR Password and DST QSECOFR is disabled.

Answer  I have a 170 at V5R1 and I have lost the QSECOFR password, and the DST QSECOFR has been disabled. I do have access to other DST profiles and can access SST, which allow me to modify the MI code if I wish. Anybody have any suggestions as to how I can regain access to this box, in any way, without h...

Last updated: Nov 19, 2004   5:10 PM GMT   |    Compliance, CRM, Disaster Recovery
Data Protection Act [UK]

Answer  Hi, Can anyone point me in the direction of an up-to-date summary [in layman's terms] of this act? Thanks in advance

Last updated: Jun 4, 2004   11:02 AM GMT   |    Compliance, IT Governance, Laws
Network UserID Creation/Change

Answer  Looking for White Papers, Best Practices, Your Practice...on UserIDs What should a Network UserID look like for strong security? I don't believe it should contain any part of the user's legal name. Agree? So what do you use to create a UserID? Should a user be able to change their UserID? Th...

Last updated: Sep 27, 2004   11:46 AM GMT   |    Administration, Architecture/Design, Biometrics
Wireless Security

Answer  We are running an NT4 network in one building with about 50 users. I have recently installed a LinkSys WAP with a 32-bit WEP encryption key, so when our sales guys come in with their Thinkpads, they don't have to fight for network points. I have programmed the encryption key into their laptops, so ...

Last updated: Sep 10, 2004   9:00 AM GMT   |    Compliance, CRM, Disaster Recovery
Is Windows security an afterthought?

Answer  As the editor of, I often speak with users about their Windows security responsibilities. One senior systems analyst in particular sent me an interesting note recently... To give you some background, he's in charge of configuring and administering desktop systems (primarily...

Last updated: Apr 19, 2005   3:00 PM GMT   |    Administration, Application security, Architecture/Design
Stop Error (C000021a)

Answer  I am receiving this stop error(C000021a) "windows logon process system process terminated unexpectedly" with win 2000 server. Safe mode and Last Known Good Conf. works fine. Is there any solution without reformating the HDD? I have ERD with me. Will that help me? Any advise on this would be highly...

Last updated: Jun 7, 2005   3:29 AM GMT   |    Biometrics, Call Centers, CIO
SYSVOL Sharing across network concern

Answer  Good morning to all. First off, let me thank everyone for their past help and support I have received from this search2000 group. I have a concern about a folder being shared across my network called SYSVOL. I know it is related to the Domain controller and maybe for scripts that have been added....

Last updated: Jun 7, 2005   9:51 AM GMT   |    Compliance, CRM, DataCenter
Documentation Standards

Answer  I am attempting to install some documentation standards for the production control function here at work. Does anyone know of any template that could be utilized?

Last updated: Sep 9, 2005   12:21 AM GMT   |    Compliance, Laws, Regulations
Need Help - Netscreen 25 with Fortigate 60.

Answer  Hi All. Good Morning & Greetings of the season. I recently joined this company as a Network Security Specialist & the 1st task that i got assigned to myself was this. We have 3 locations - A (India) - Indian Operations B (California) - US Operations C (Datacenter) - Web & Media Servers ...

Last updated: Sep 14, 2005   10:05 AM GMT   |    Access control, Application security, backdoors
Seeking SAP SEM configuration help

Answer  Recently, Manish, a user, sent in the following question on SAP SEM. <p> "Apart from standard SAP help, does anyone know of a SEM-BCS step-wise configuration guide? <p> Is there anything I can order online? I want to start on SEM-BCS as soon as possible." <p> Do yo...

Last updated: Oct 31, 2005   4:40 PM GMT   |    Access control, Application security, backdoors
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