SBS 2003 and beyond:


April 10, 2014  11:34 AM

Yes I am still here

Posted by: Roger Crawford

Wow it is funny how life changes get in the way of life it seems like. I was sitting here this morning going I haven't posted anything in a long while as I have been tied up with work and not got a lot done on this for a while. A lot has changed since I posted last, my old company sold to someone...

July 11, 2012  5:08 PM

Microsoft Licensing Fun or is this Hell

Posted by: Roger Crawford

You ever get off the phone with Microsoft and feel like you have been sitting there poking yourself in your eye just for the fun of it or banging your head on the wall or that you need to go take a shower? We had a License Agreement that had expired and for whatever reason no one had caught it or...

July 11, 2012  4:55 PM

Sharepoint 2010 and opening PDF Files

Posted by: Roger Crawford

I ran into a problem with our Sharepoint 2010 site not allowing pdf files directly it would only prompt you to save it. I found the fix was pretty simple and that was to do the following. Just be aware you are opening up the security on the sites with the files.   1.Verified Adobe Reader...

March 8, 2009  12:04 AM

SBS 2003 and SBS 2008

Posted by: Roger Crawford
SBS, SBS 2003, SBS 2008

I know this blog is suppose to be all about SBS 2003 and SBS 2008 but sometimes there is not a lot of things happening at the moment and I am off on other missions. One thing nice about the SBS 2003 and SBS 2008 Servers I have out there is they just plain run with no problems bad for me but good...

February 21, 2009  1:59 AM

Publishing SBS 2008 with ISA Server 2004 or ISA 2006 Part 2

Posted by: Roger Crawford
ISA 2004, ISA 2006, SBS, SBS 2008

In this post we are going to talk about setting up the device sitting in front of your ISA Server either your Basic Router of choice or in this instance I will be using a Sonic Wall device. What you must decide is the IP Range you are going to use for your space between the SonicWall Lan link and...

February 21, 2009  1:45 AM

Publishing SBS 2008 with ISA Server 2004 or ISA 2006 Part 1

Posted by: Roger Crawford
ISA 2004, ISA 2006, SBS, SBS 2008

I know many of you have SBS 2003 Premium with ISA 2004 Server. I know there are those of us that like to use ISA to protect the domain either by itself or in a 2 Layer aapproach. I myself have my clients running a Sonic Wall firewalls out in front of the ISA Server. I will be walking you though the...

February 14, 2009  5:38 PM

SBS 2003 and Wild Blue

Posted by: Roger Crawford
Microsoft Windows, SBS, SBS 2003, Wild Blue

I am sure others have had this experience with a Wild Blue connection but this was my first. This was a new customerthat was 4 hours away and we sold the server over the phone and I thought I had asked all the questions I should have but not true I forgot one important one and assumed they was in...

February 10, 2009  12:19 PM

SBS 2003 and OWA

Posted by: Roger Crawford
Exchange 2003, OWA, SBS, SBS 2003

We had another site with OWA having issues and I am wondering if this was a problem with maybe a update that came down or was actually just something that came up. But they was getting the 500 error and Site busy from the outside when OWA was tried to go to. What they ended up doing was running...

January 27, 2009  1:30 PM

SBS 2003 with ISA 2004 Internal Client VPN Problems

Posted by: Roger Crawford
ISA 2004, Microsoft Windows, SBS, SBS 2003, VPN Clients, Windows Server 2003

I had a customer who has a SBS 2003 SP1 Server with ISA 2004 who uses a VPN off their client machines to a site that they submit claims too using the ATT Global Dialer. Well I got the sheet from them on Ports and IP's that needed to be allowed to do there certain parts and got them all added but...

January 17, 2009  6:50 AM

SBS 2003 to Exchange 2007 migration Part 5

Posted by: Roger Crawford
Exchange 2007, SBS, SBS 2003

Well the server from hell started to blue screen this week. It was a SBS 2003 server that someone had decided to treat the server as one would for a Enterprise Server and had it all messed up. This server had many issues and that was one of the reasons that this customer decided to spilt off the...

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