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December 18, 2008  9:15 PM

Top 10 business risks in 2009 – SAS70

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
budget, Management, SAS 70

For 2009, Ernst and Young has compiled the top 10 business risks for your companies operations. As regulation and compliance is #2, SAS 70 audits should be a priority to complete in 2009. With the downturn in the economy, your controls should not be the first area to fall.  If you must...

December 9, 2008  1:16 AM

Third party services and SAS70 audit

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Management, SAS 70, Third-party services

December 3, 2008  4:52 PM

IFRS and the new accounting guidelines? SAS 70

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Management, SAS 70

November 30, 2008  8:39 PM

What cabinet position would you want to be elected too? SAS 70

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Auditing, Management, SAS 70

November 17, 2008  11:23 PM

SaaS and SAS70 – SAS70ExPERT

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Access control, Data center operations, Management, Network, SaaS, SAS 70

As more outsourcing of applications takes place in this economy by using SaaS(software-as-a-service), is Management producing costs savings? and how many SAS70's will you be required to collect? From the Data Center operations, the IT support vendor, and the application...

October 25, 2008  1:43 AM

Privacy issues and the SAS70 audit

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Management, Risk management, SAS 70, Security Program Management

October 22, 2008  2:26 AM

Third party agreements and SAS70 audit – SAS 70

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Management, Monitoring, SAS 70, Third-party services

September 25, 2008  11:06 AM

Outsourcing your data backup process – SAS70

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Backup, Management, SAS 70, Third-party services

September 22, 2008  12:21 PM

SAS70 audits require preventative maintenance too!

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
cooling systems, DataCenter, Incident response, Management, Risk management, SAS 70

September 21, 2008  9:22 PM

Security is essential for all new technology investments? SAS70

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Auditing, Management, Network, SAS 70, Security management, Third-party services

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