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December 23, 2008  7:02 AM

Risk Management in times of adversity – SAS70

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT

In these troubled times, are you ready? Is your IT budget aligned with your projected revenues? Do you have appropriate staffing or must you outsource? Have you requested your outsourced provider to perform a SAS 70 audit? Mr CIO, you must be ready in order to manage successfully. Wikipedia...

December 7, 2008  1:24 PM

Importance of User access policy? SAS70

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Access, Access control, CEO, CIO, SAS 70

December 2, 2008  1:52 PM

What would you pay for this USB harddrive? SAS70

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
CFO, CIO, SAS 70, Security management

November 27, 2008  4:37 PM

Have you been Clickjacking lately? SAS70

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
browsers, Clickjacking, firefox, internet, internet explorer, Opera, SaaS, Safari, SAS 70, vendors

November 27, 2008  1:40 AM

Outsource with a Plan – SAS70

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Disaster Recovery, Monitoring, SaaS, SAS 70, Third-party services

As more businesses outsource IT to third-party services, data privacy and integrity are paramount to the success of your operations. The SaaS small and medium businesses have a responsibility to ensure your data is processed correctly and that it is kept safe. SAS 70 audits are...

November 17, 2008  11:23 PM

SaaS and SAS70 – SAS70ExPERT

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Access control, Data center operations, Management, Network, SaaS, SAS 70

As more outsourcing of applications takes place in this economy by using SaaS(software-as-a-service), is Management producing costs savings? and how many SAS70's will you be required to collect? From the Data Center operations, the IT support vendor, and the application...

October 1, 2008  4:26 AM

Back to basics – Security awareness and education – SAS70

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
CIO, Incident response, Network, Network security, SAS 70, Security, Security Program Management

September 17, 2008  11:06 PM

Making the Outsourcing Decision – SAS 70

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Management, management software, SAS 70, Third-party services

September 17, 2008  3:35 PM

Risk Assessments and the SAS 70 audit

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Access, Auditing, CIO, COBIT, Management, Monitoring, Network, Risk management, SAS 70

September 12, 2008  5:17 AM

CIO’s deserve respect? Are you respectable and what are these characteristics? SAS70

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Auditing, CIO, Compliance, CSO, Network, SAS 70

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