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September 25, 2008  11:06 AM

Outsourcing your data backup process – SAS70

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Backup, Management, SAS 70, Third-party services

September 10, 2008  12:16 AM

11th Commandment – Thou shalt perform the data backup process. – SAS70

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Auditing, Backup, Compliance, Management, SAS 70

SAS 70 SAS70

July 27, 2008  1:46 AM

Data Breaches – Do you have a plan? SAS70

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Auditing, Backup, Backup & recovery, CIO, Compliance, DataCenter, Disaster Recovery, Incident response, Networking, Risk management, SAS 70, Security

July 1, 2008  5:45 PM

Do you need the Secret Service to guard your data? – SAS70

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Access, Access control, Active Directory, Administration, Backup, Backup & recovery, budget, bugeting, business/IT alignment, CEO, CFO, CIO, cooling systems, CSO, Data center design, Data center operations, Database, Database issues, Database Management Systems, DataCenter, DataManagement, Disaster Recovery, Exchange, Financials, FTP, human factors, Industry Solutions, Information risk management, Management, management software, Microsoft Windows, Network, Network Management Systems, Network monitoring, Network security, Networking, power systems, Risk management, SAS 70, Security, Security management, Security Program Management, Servers, Single sign-on, Storage, Third-party services

June 11, 2008  12:47 AM

Exchange and Email

Posted by: SAS70ExPERT
Auditing, Backup, Backup & recovery, Disaster Recovery, Email, Exchange, SAS 70

SAS70 audits do not require disaster recovery to be audited; however, backups of email can be critical to survival of a Company should they be sued.

The process to back up emails can be expensive and time-consuming. I tried clustering Exchange servers. It was a mistake from...


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