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February 18, 2010  7:24 PM

What’s next for SUGEN?

Posted by: Mperkins
SAP, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Enterprise Support

February 10, 2010  4:40 PM

What if Shai Agassi never left SAP?

Posted by: CourtneyBjorlin

Hasso Plattner made it quite clear during his press conference announcing the resignation of SAP's CEO that he didn't want to dwell on the past. But as reporters, dwelling on the past is one of the things we do best. So around here we got to thinking -- what if

February 9, 2010  4:41 PM

Guest blog: McDermott and Hagemann Snabe are the right men for the job

Posted by: JackDanahy

This guest column was written by Axel Angeli, NetWeaver expert. Angeli runs Logosworld, a management consultancy that specializes in SAP project rescue and is next the the SAP headquarters in Bruehl, Germany. He...

January 7, 2010  12:40 PM

Why SAP’s 2010 market strategy should matter to you now

Posted by: CourtneyBjorlin

It's certainly no secret that license sales are way down for software vendors. In fact, new license revenue for ERP vendors was down 24% in 2009, according to Forrester Research. That means more discounts on software, as well as more calls and emails from ERP account representatives, pitching...

December 29, 2009  7:15 PM

The Top 10 SAP Watch blog posts of 2009

Posted by: Mperkins
Business Information Warehouse, hardware, Oracle-Sun, SAP, SAP BW, SAP certifications, SAP cloud computing, SAP ECC 6, SAP ERP, SAP implementation, SAP NetWeaver, SAP R/3, SAP trends strategy ane ERP market share, SAP vs. Oracle, Tibco

It was hardly a dull year for SAP news. Failed implementations, SAP's take on the Oracle-Sun merger, SAP cloud computing and mobile applications all drew much interest on our SAP blog. Here's a look at the most popular SAP Watch blog posts of 2009.

December 22, 2009  4:54 PM

Developing the right supply chain sustainability software

Posted by: Mperkins
SAP, SAP sustainability

While supply chain sustainability software is key for green IT strategy, the software itself is still in its early stages. SAP is amongst a host of vendors that sells some form of

November 12, 2009  8:03 PM

SAP weighs in on Oracle-Sun, Wall Street Journal

Posted by: Barney Beal
SAP trends strategy ane ERP market share, SAP vs. Oracle

The Wall Street Journal, long a recipient of scoops from SAP, earned a little wrath from the company this week when it penned an editorial suggesting CEO Leo Apotheker could smooth the way for an...

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November 11, 2009  10:08 PM

SAP not only talks the talk of sustainability, it walks the walk

Posted by: Mperkins
SAP, SAP sustainability

SAP continued to make its case for sustainable action at SAP TechEd 2009 in Phoenix, revealing some interesting  ways of monitoring carbon reduction and predicting possible cost savings through...

October 9, 2009  2:44 PM

What’s next for SAP sustainability?

Posted by: Mperkins
SAP, SAP sustainability

Last month, SAP was named the highest-ranked software company in the 2009 Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for the third time. This is good news...

September 30, 2009  2:09 PM

Moving SAP, hardware and all, into the cloud

Posted by: Pastepotpete
hardware, SAP cloud computing

Over at, we just published a series of articles dealing with the role that hardware plays in the SAP application infrastructure. These articles covered trends in hardware design and how

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