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June 8, 2006  4:06 PM

SAP xApps: Embedded analytics at your fingertips

Posted by: ITKE
analytics, SAP, xapps

SAP took more than 100 industry specific embedded analytics and branded them as part of its xApp portfolio. The analytics were first introduced at Sapphire ’05 in Boston. When SearchSAP first reported the analytics announcement, there was a question of whether they would be xApps.

June 6, 2006  2:37 PM

Getting master data management help

Posted by: ITKE

Unless company financial issues are already in the public limelight, it is rare that companies will admit to investors that they have been relying on faulty data. That poses a challenge for SAP and other software...

June 5, 2006  4:27 PM

Podcast: SAP Master Data Management

Posted by: ITKE

I recently spoke with Andrew White, a research director at Gartner Inc. on the topic of master data management. White shared the latest trends and how companies are facing a difficult road when starting MDM projects. In a separate interview, SAP's Sunil Gupta explained how SAP customers can...

May 31, 2006  10:22 AM

SAP Argo enterprise search update

Posted by: ITKE
enterprise, SAP

Project Argo will result in an SAP xApp, a composite application, which leverages the existing back-end search technology SAP call’s TREX, (Text Retrieval and Classification). TREX is an indexing capability within NetWeaver. The Argo application will sit on top of NetWeaver and TREX and it...

May 26, 2006  4:15 PM

SAP Argo Screenshot

Posted by: ITKE
enterprise, SAP

Project Argo is SAP's extension of its enterprise search capabilities. Below is a screenshot of the SAP Developer Network download page for the beta version of Argo. The page was made public, but SAP has since placed it behind a login wall. The DVD is being distributed to a select few Sapphire...

May 23, 2006  4:20 PM

What is Argo? Extension of SAP enterprise search to Google

Posted by: ITKE
microsoft, SAP

During a session at the Sapphire user conference in Orlando, Fla., last week an SAP executive mentioned Argo albeit briefly as a colleague of mine sat quietly in a room full of attendees. SAP executives wouldn’t elaborate about Argo during the conference and during a panel discussion with...

May 20, 2006  11:20 AM

Podcast: TomorrowNow CEO responds to critics of SAP union

Posted by: ITKE

In a broad ranging interview, Andrew Nelson, CEO of SAP subsidiary TomorrowNow, discusses his firm's strategy as it broadens support to include Siebel customers and recent criticism from members of the Quest International User's Group.

May 18, 2006  10:27 AM

SAP admits role in bouncing NetSuite from Sapphire hotel

Posted by: ITKE
asug, Oracle, SAP, sapphire

SAP spokesman Bill Wohl confirmed that SAP played a role in getting a NetSuite event ousted from a nearby hotel during the Sapphire and America's SAP User's Group  conferences this week. NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson told reporters invited to a press and analyst cocktail hour that it was...

May 12, 2006  3:34 PM

Updated Learning Guides

Posted by: ITKE
netweaver, SAP

Looking for a comprehensive overview of NetWeaver or Business Intelligence technology for SAP? Then you'll be pleased to know that we just gave our NetWeaver and SAP BI Learning Guides a complete overhaul, adding fresh news stories and even more in-depth tips and insights from some of the...

May 12, 2006  3:20 PM

NetSuite event near SAP Sapphire canceled

Posted by: ITKE
Oracle, sapphire

Some NetSuite executives are saying that a press and analyst cocktail hour with NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson may have been quashed through some pressure from SAP executives. Nelson was scheduled to speak Wednesday at The Rosen Centre, a hotel and...

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