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May 21, 2007  1:05 PM

Oracle vs. SAP lawsuit: Hardball or posturing?

Posted by: JackDanahy
Oracle, SAP

The Oracle lawsuit against SAP has kind of faded into the background since the news broke in March. There's been a flurry of

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May 17, 2007  6:41 PM

SAP and Microsoft keeps dancing — and competing

Posted by: JackDanahy
a1s, allinone, axapta, business one, duet, dynamics, microsoft, Oracle, SAP

The peculiar SAP-Microsoft partnership continues to deepen. We've written about this in the past, but I think Jon Reed summed up the situation best with the image of "one set of hands shaking and...

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May 14, 2007  5:42 PM

Sapphire Vienna and SAP globalization

Posted by: JackDanahy
SAP, sapphire

Sapphire 2007 -- Vienna this time, not Atlanta -- is already proving to be an...

May 13, 2007  12:49 PM

SAP is serious about Web 2.0

Posted by: JackDanahy
enterprise, harmony, netweaver, SAP, sapphire, soa

By now everyone has been affected by at least one aspect of the advanced Internet technology dubbed 'Web 2.0'; it's the technology that lends a personal...

May 10, 2007  3:40 PM

SAP A1S: what’s the deal?

Posted by: JackDanahy
a1s, SAP

There have been whispers about SAP's new ERP on-demand offering for quite some time, but precious little official information was available. Now the cat is out of the bag... Almost. SAP CEO Henning Kagermann and the top execs all mentioned it in their speeches and interviews at Sapphire 2007, but...

May 4, 2007  2:36 PM

SAP’s Enterprise SOA in perspective

Posted by: JackDanahy
a1s, esa, netweaver, SAP, sapphire, soa

There was a lot of buzz about the upcoming NetWeaver 7.1 at Sapphire the other week. Releasing in Q3 this year, it's positioned as the springboard for really getting into SOA in the real world. NetWeaver 7.1 is a major milestone for SAP that packs plenty of juice, with a full Enterprise Services...

April 26, 2007  6:25 PM

Sapphire 2007 quick takes, part 2

Posted by: ITKE
a1s, harmony, netweaver, SAP

The natural high point of Sapphire 2007 was SAP CEO Henning Kagermann's keynote, and the message was clear: SAP is getting serious about this Web 2.0 business. Knowledge sharing, collaboration and self-service features are the tune of the future, which coincidentally goes hand in hand with...

April 24, 2007  6:30 PM

Sapphire 2007 quick takes

Posted by: ITKE
duet, harmony, microsoft, SAP, sapphire

Sapphire has been a little odd this year. Not just because Shai Agassi quit and left a sizable keynote spot open (since filled by Philip Lay, managing director of The Chasm Group Advisors,) but because of the uneven pacing. Rather than start with a big bang with all the key announcements on day...

April 12, 2007  3:40 PM

Shai's resignation — good or bad?

Posted by: ITKE
resign, SAP

Veteran site expert Axel Angeli isn't known for shying away from controversy, most recently proven in his guest column "Shai is gone -- Hurray!". Needless to say, this...

April 10, 2007  1:41 PM

Podcast challenge: Great SAP Leaders Among Us

Posted by: ITKE
bw, SAP

Have you or your team faced a gnarly BI/BW project? Then we want to hear about it! Check out our latest contest where you submit a brief podcast (less than 5 minutes) explaining how you overcame the challenge. 

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