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July 5, 2007  3:47 PM

SAP A1S: The true cost of SaaS

Posted by: JackDanahy
a1s, SAP

We wrote about the increased crowding in the SaaS/on-demand space earlier this week, as NetSuite went public and announced ambitious plans to go up against Microsoft, SAP and others. But...

July 3, 2007  5:16 AM

SAP admits to ‘inappropriate downloads’

Posted by: JackDanahy
Oracle, SAP

SAP has officially responded to Oracle's lawsuit. While a good chunk of the case remains bluster and hot air, according to SAP, chief Kagermann did

July 2, 2007  4:47 PM

NetSuite is coming, NetSuite is coming…

Posted by: JackDanahy
a1s, allinone, business one, SAP, soa

SAP A1S, the new on-demand ERP solution we've been hearing about for quite a while now, is something of a tease when it comes to actual specifics. We know a few basic facts, like that it'll be for the...

June 12, 2007  6:40 PM

SAP, H1B visas and… India outsourcing its IT jobs?

Posted by: JackDanahy
career, H1B, job, SAP

There is something both strange and ironic going on right now. Remember the heated debate about the proposed increase in H1B visas just the other week? Well, earlier today...

June 8, 2007  3:50 PM

SAP and Web 3.0

Posted by: JackDanahy
a1s, erp, SAP, soa

Most IT workers I talk to have trouble getting up to speed with Web 2.0. Isn't it asking for trouble to start talking about

June 7, 2007  10:39 AM

SAP vs. Oracle food for thought

Posted by: JackDanahy
Oracle, SAP

Did SAP steal Oracle's customers? As in, nefariously done on the sly as opposed to, oh I don't know, offering better products? That's what you'd conclude if you believe the over-the-top aggressive

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June 1, 2007  3:19 PM

Oracle files amended SAP complaint

Posted by: JackDanahy
Oracle, SAP

Just when things appear to die down a little bit, the Oracle-SAP lawsuit always seems to bubble back up. Today it was Oracle stirring the pot, as it tacked on copyright infringement and breach of contract complaints to its existing suit of SAP’s TommorrowNow division (SAP TN) in San Francisco...

May 30, 2007  2:17 PM

More on the future of SAP consulting

Posted by: JackDanahy
career, job, netweaver, SAP, soa, trend

In a guest column on today, Jon Reed discussed many skills that will be important for SAP consultants in the future. As is sometimes the case, not all of Jon's thoughts could fit into the piece....

May 25, 2007  4:31 PM

Great SAP Leaders Among Us contest update

Posted by: JackDanahy
bw, SAP, trend, upgrade

Just a quick update on the Great SAP Leaders Among Us podcast contest. As you may recall, the topic is BI/BW challenges and how regular SAP users like yourself overcame those obstacles. Now we...

May 24, 2007  7:02 PM

SAP and H1B visas: What an H1B increase would mean

Posted by: JackDanahy
career, H1B, job, SAP

As you may have seen in the news, there's a movement afoot to boost the number of H1B visas next year, from 65,000 to 115,000, plus the continuation of...

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