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October 2, 2012  7:07 PM

HANA, that little in-memory girl

Posted by: Todd Morrison
BusinessObjects, Hardware for SAP, SAP, SAP HANA, SAP vs. Oracle

Can't they all just get along? As anyone who follows enterprise computing knows, SAP and Oracle have a long history of going at it, which certainly won't end anytime soon, especially as the two continue to...

September 5, 2011  4:37 PM

SAP wins the latest round in Oracle court fight

Posted by: Todd Morrison
Oracle, SAP, SAP vs. Oracle

What is it with the Oracle-SAP legal battles and holidays? Last year, just before Thanksgiving, a jury in California delivered a whopping $1.3 billion verdict in favor of Oracle in its...

December 29, 2009  7:15 PM

The Top 10 SAP Watch blog posts of 2009

Posted by: Mperkins
Business Information Warehouse, hardware, Oracle-Sun, SAP, SAP BW, SAP certifications, SAP cloud computing, SAP ECC 6, SAP ERP, SAP implementation, SAP NetWeaver, SAP R/3, SAP trends strategy ane ERP market share, SAP vs. Oracle, Tibco

It was hardly a dull year for SAP news. Failed implementations, SAP's take on the Oracle-Sun merger, SAP cloud computing and mobile applications all drew much interest on our SAP blog. Here's a look at the most popular SAP Watch blog posts of 2009.

November 12, 2009  8:03 PM

SAP weighs in on Oracle-Sun, Wall Street Journal

Posted by: Barney Beal
SAP trends strategy ane ERP market share, SAP vs. Oracle

The Wall Street Journal, long a recipient of scoops from SAP, earned a little wrath from the company this week when it penned an editorial suggesting CEO Leo Apotheker could smooth the way for an...

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August 28, 2009  7:10 PM

Will Rimini Street, and third-party support, be drawn into Oracle’s lawsuit against SAP?

Posted by: CourtneyBjorlin
SAP, SAP maintenance, SAP support, SAP vs. Oracle

Oracle's demand for Rimini Street to give it information in its lawsuit against SAP wasn't the only development in the SAP vs. Oracle saga last week. Oracle also filed more allegations in...

April 30, 2009  6:33 PM

What does SAP have to say about the Oracle-Sun deal?

Posted by: CourtneyBjorlin
Oracle-Sun, SAP, SAP vs. Oracle

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