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July 25, 2011  2:58 PM

Adoption of SAP ECC 6.0 surges in the UK

Posted by: Todd Morrison
BusinessObjects, ECC 6.0, SAP support

SAP shops in the UK are for the most part on board with SAP ECC 6.0.  It's SAP BusinessObjects they're not quite sure about. According to a new survey by the UK and Ireland SAP User Group, two-thirds of the 204 respondents said they're now using ECC 6.0, up from 35% in 2009, according to Alan...

October 2, 2010  4:24 PM

For SAP users, when will on-demand really be in-demand?

Posted by: CourtneyBjorlin
SAP, SAP support

This past week, I had the opportunity to speak with Andreas Oczko, DSAG Executive Board Member, department operations/service and support. DSAG is the SAP user group for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I was interested to hear what DSAG thought about SAP's strategy. DSAG has made its share...

August 28, 2009  7:10 PM

Will Rimini Street, and third-party support, be drawn into Oracle’s lawsuit against SAP?

Posted by: CourtneyBjorlin
SAP, SAP maintenance, SAP support, SAP vs. Oracle

Oracle's demand for Rimini Street to give it information in its lawsuit against SAP wasn't the only development in the SAP vs. Oracle saga last week. Oracle also filed more allegations in...

May 7, 2009  3:05 PM

SAP vs. Oracle: Who’s ahead in the count on the maintenance fee issue?

Posted by: CourtneyBjorlin
SAP Enterprise Support, SAP support

"Does Chuck Phillips really get it?" That's how SAP's Bill Wohl, who wanted to chat about SAP's new Enterprise Support agreement, opened up a conversation with me Wednesday. He was...

February 5, 2009  10:09 PM

SAP: We’re not restricting customers from seeking third-party support

Posted by: CourtneyBjorlin
SAP support

SAP is not putting clauses into contracts that restrict customers from seeking third-party maintenance despite claims to the contrary, an SAP spokesman said today. But claims that the vendor was doing so put maintenance and support back on the radar yesterday, sparked by a post on


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