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August 10, 2007  2:22 PM

SAP A1S: What’s in a name?

Posted by: JackDanahy
a1s, allinone, business one, SAP

With product code names, companies tend to lean more towards whimsical and creative. Take Microsoft. The company has used locations, like “Whistler” for Windows XP (Microsoft held design retreats in Whistler,...

July 31, 2007  6:30 PM

Beyond SAP A1S

Posted by: JackDanahy
a1s, allinone, business one, SAP

It's easy to lose sight of SAP's push into the midmarket beyond the never-ending hype/secrecy surrounding SAP A1S, the upcoming on-demand ERP solution slated for a 2008 release. Business One, the baby bear of the SAP family targeting the under-100 employee crowd, makes up a sizable chunk (15,000)...

July 2, 2007  4:47 PM

NetSuite is coming, NetSuite is coming…

Posted by: JackDanahy
a1s, allinone, business one, SAP, soa

SAP A1S, the new on-demand ERP solution we've been hearing about for quite a while now, is something of a tease when it comes to actual specifics. We know a few basic facts, like that it'll be for the...

May 17, 2007  6:41 PM

SAP and Microsoft keeps dancing — and competing

Posted by: JackDanahy
a1s, allinone, axapta, business one, duet, dynamics, microsoft, Oracle, SAP

The peculiar SAP-Microsoft partnership continues to deepen. We've written about this in the past, but I think Jon Reed summed up the situation best with the image of "one set of hands shaking and...

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March 20, 2007  6:54 PM

SAP On Demand — for real this time?

Posted by: ITKE
a1s, allinone, SAP

It's no exaggeration to say that SAP's CRM On Demand debut last year was rather lackluster. But now it seems SAP has made a 180 degree turn, going from "Bah!" to "Wow!" in just a year. It's kind of like how Microsoft went from dismissing this Internet-thing as a...

October 30, 2006  2:34 PM

CRM All-In-One Guide

Posted by: ITKE
allinone, CRM, SAP

When customer relationship management (CRM) was first introduced over five years ago, it generated a lot of hype but didn't live up to

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October 23, 2006  2:26 PM

SAP All-in-One vs. MS Dynamics

Posted by: ITKE
allinone, dynamics, microsoft, SAP

You have probably noticed that Microsoft is getting more assertive about its Dynamics line of products. Massive advertising, press releases, increased presence at events ... It's pretty obvious the 'softies are no longer content to play second fiddle to SAP, merely picking up the small...

August 10, 2006  3:47 PM

SAP simplified, Dynamics looming

Posted by: ITKE
allinone, business one, dynamics, SAP

Over the years, we've taken our fair share of jabs at SAP for being overly complex, bogged down with acronyms and seemingly always being a few steps ahead and out of sync with many customers. Sure enough, SAP has always been somewhat intimidating, and we did some head-scratching over how SAP...

April 18, 2006  5:30 PM

SAP sees the midmarket glass as half full

Posted by: ITKE
allinone, business one

SAP shows no signs of slowing down their drive into the midmarket, as Matt Danielsson discussed in his recent blog post, SAP turning up the heat on Oracle?. While SAP was already gaining traction in this market with their SAP All-in-One...


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