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September, 2007


September 27, 2007  1:47 PM

SDN offering NetWeaver subscriptions

Posted by: JackDanahy
SAP, TechEd

The SAP Developer Network, SDN, has just rolled out a new subscription program that might be of interest to those learning NetWeaver development. The package is a one-year subscription bundle that gives SAP...

September 26, 2007  2:36 PM

The latest Oracle-SAP lawsuit news

Posted by: JackDanahy
Oracle, SAP

Late yesterday, more information came out about Oracle’s lawsuit against SAP. Nothing too exciting, mostly timeline and scope issues. The trial date has been set for February 9, 2009. Oracle was looking for a September 2009 start. According to this

September 20, 2007  6:52 PM

The keys to SAP forms success

Posted by: JackDanahy
career, job, SAP

Our latest guest column on how to get your SAP career started comes from Mark Smithson, President and Principal Consultant, MHS Systems Consulting, Inc.


September 19, 2007  11:59 AM

A1S is now SAP Business ByDesign

Posted by: JackDanahy
a1s, Business ByDesign, SAP

Say goodbye to “A1S.” It is now called SAP Business ByDesign. CEO Henning Kagermann kicked off the much-anticipated, whirl-wind event with an almost-cameo 10-minute keynote. “It is the most important announcement of my career I’m making today,” the not-usually-prone-to-hyperbole...

September 18, 2007  5:13 PM

SAP tip challenge

Posted by: JackDanahy
abap, basis, SAP

Do you have a clever ABAP workaround to share? Know a slick way to optimize the latest BI tools? Then take a few minutes to share your knowledge for a chance to win one of two...

September 13, 2007  5:15 PM

Thought the H1B ruckus was over? Think again.

Posted by: JackDanahy
career, H1B, job

H1B visas, the golden ticket for foreign IT workers wishing to join the American workforce, has had a turbulent year. On one side, industry heavyweights like Bill Gates pushed hard to...

September 10, 2007  11:19 PM

The keys to ABAP success

Posted by: JackDanahy
abap, career, job, SAP

We recently ran an article where ABAP expert Rehan Zaidi shared some best practices for breaking into professional SAP application development. But more information is always better, so...

September 6, 2007  9:07 PM

The keys to SAP workflow success

Posted by: JackDanahy
abap, career, job, SAP

We recently ran a news article called "ABAP development done right" that focused on how aspiring ABAP developers should take those first, crucial steps towards a fulfilling career. Well,...

September 4, 2007  6:14 PM

RFID rising — and drawing fire

Posted by: JackDanahy
rfid, SAP, trend

RFID, radio frequency identification, is one of those topics that come and go in the news. Unless you're working with supply chains on a daily basis, RFID may not be at the top of your IT watch list. Well, there are some forces in motion right now that may have an impact on just how pervasive RFID...


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