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February, 2007


February 22, 2007  8:18 PM

How SAP can improve: upgrade edition

Posted by: ITKE
asug, erp, mysap, SAP, upgrade

DENVER -- The last session at ASUG's mySAP ERP Upgrade Symposium was a panel made up of users who had completed upgrades and SAP executives. We took this opportunity to ask what SAP could have done to make each customer's upgrade easier. Here are a couple of the...

February 22, 2007  1:34 PM

ASUG's influence on SAP

Posted by: ITKE
asug, erp, mysap, SAP, upgrade

DENVER -- We made it to the ASUG mySAP ERP Upgrade Symposium in Denver with no problems. There are about 200 attendees at various stages of upgrading to mySAP ERP 2005 -- from just considering...

February 19, 2007  10:36 AM

ASUG president talks Kagermann and upgrade event

Posted by: ITKE
asug, erp, esa, mysap, upgrade

Weather permitting (we are flying Jet Blue), will be covering the ASUG (Americas' SAP...

February 1, 2007  2:43 AM

SAP under fire: Axel speaks out on what SAP should do next

Posted by: ITKE
axapta, dynamics, erp, microsoft, SAP, soa, xi

You've probably read Axel Angeli's guest editorial SAP under fire: Axel Angeli on why 2007 will be tough for SAP. Not surprisingly, there was an avalanche...


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