Working alongside SAP Business Suite:


October 21, 2013  1:56 PM

The rise of the Process Efficiency Tools (PETs)

Posted by: Clinton Jones
Automation, integration, Mass Actions, MSOFFICE, SAP, Usability

Picture by Bonnie Manion vintagegardengal comRoughly a year ago I...

October 4, 2013  2:14 PM

Getting the balances right with SAP

Posted by: Clinton Jones
Automation, integration, MSOFFICE, SAP

BlackPool Rock I just returned from a visit to the

April 11, 2013  10:58 AM

Going out on the office365 limb

Posted by: Clinton Jones
MSOFFICE, SAP, Uncategorized

I am notoriously bad at crystal ball gazing on matters in general but in the world of IT I think I have been around for long enough to have the ability to tell the difference between a rat and a cat and in this instance I call rat!

The rat in question is the whole question of Microsoft’s...

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