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July, 2012

July 27, 2012  8:30 AM

Come to my VMworld Session!

Posted by: MikeLaverick
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This year I’m...

July 24, 2012  2:33 PM

GMAIL on Outlook for the Mac 2011

Posted by: MikeLaverick

This time around I decide to link my blog to GMAIL, and ditch POP for good in preference for IMAP. With Outlook for the Mac 2011 being so new, there was little info around even on googles site – and I was assisted by competing and contradictory TCP port numbers for IMAP and SMTP. However, I was...

July 22, 2012  1:12 AM

VMware & The SMB

Posted by: MikeLaverick

I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks producing content for VMware SMB. We’ve got series of articles planned, as well some podcasts too. The first one of these was a QA session I did, which...

July 12, 2012  1:11 AM

Guest Blogpost from @UI_MAN – Why PowerCLI is making things worse…

Posted by: MikeLaverick

This week I got a very odd and cryptic message from a stranger. It took some research to piece together who this “person” was. He wanted to write a guest blog post on my site – and that’s something I usually welcome. But generally I want to know these folks better than I do this guy....

July 11, 2012  8:12 AM

Part Three: The Future of Technical Publishing

Posted by: MikeLaverick

In part one of the series I talked about what its like to be an author, and in part two I talked about what is like to work with a publisher – in this final part I want to talk about what I think the future is for publishing generally.

The Printed Book is Technology
With the rise and...

July 10, 2012  7:51 AM

Part Two: On working with a publisher

Posted by: MikeLaverick

In my previous part in this series -  I talked about what its like to be an author – in this part I want to focus more on the process of writing for a publisher. So if you have decided your going to write and you would like to go through the conventional publishing route. Here’s some tips and...

July 9, 2012  10:25 AM

Part One: On being Author

Posted by: MikeLaverick

I’m often asked by people about what it like to be author of books. Whilst I was on holiday recently I started to think about my experiences, and the way technology is changing and how that will influence the...

July 2, 2012  10:23 PM

New England VMUG – Summer Slam

Posted by: MikeLaverick
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In a couple of weeks time I’m jetting of State ‘O Maine for the first time. This makes me very happy not least because I’m massive John Irving fan, and a lot of his books are set or partially set in the State. I first got to hear of the NEVMUG “Summer Slam” from a good friend of mine,...

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