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March, 2010

March 29, 2010  6:04 AM

Next Northern (UK) VMUG meeting

Posted by: MikeLaverick
User Groups

as cannibalised from Tom Howarth’s planetvm.net blog: http://planetvm.net/blog/?p=1404 I think I might be speaking – just doing the Virtualization News slot – not sure yet!

March 15, 2010  5:40 AM

eInterview with Mike Laverick – Veteran Virtualisation vExpert

Posted by: MikeLaverick

I recently did an eInterview for the guys at Xtravirt.com… What is an eInterview. Sounds fancy, huh. Well, its basically a list of questions. You right your answer inline, and then it gets published. Now is that a eMarvel of modern technology.

  1. We received a copy of your new

March 3, 2010  9:12 AM

Mac+Citrix ICA Client and Temporary Licenses

Posted by: MikeLaverick

I recently made the move over to using an Apple MBP, and was able to find the full Mac Client for my new laptop. The wheels came off when it came to licensing. Seems like I had temporary license on my MBP which when it expired wouldn’t be cleared. It took some google-wacking to find how to clear...

March 2, 2010  7:32 AM

From TechTarget

Posted by: MikeLaverick

Here’s a round up of my favourite articles on the TechTarget site. VDI is a hot hot hot topic this week. At the top of my agenda this year is getting familiar with the XenDesktop product – and these need to know articles do help in that...

March 2, 2010  7:18 AM

Using EMC’s Storage Viewer 2.1

Posted by: MikeLaverick

In this quick little tip I show you how you can use EMC Storage Viewer – to bridge the gap between the information you see in EMC NaviSphere application and the information you see in vSphere4. For years VMware Admins have struggled to map their datastores in ESX to the underlying LUN on the...

March 2, 2010  7:03 AM

Getting Started with the NetApp Rapid Clone Utility 3.0

Posted by: MikeLaverick

Here’s all the articles I wrote about the NetApp Rapid Clone Utility 3.0 available on TechTarget.com. The three articles build as series to show you the full functionality of the NetApp RCU 3.0. At the time I wrote this – 3.0 was in beta but I imagine it has GA’d now. Part one of the...

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