Regulatory Reality:


July 27, 2009  8:56 PM

Let the FDIC lead the way!

Posted by: David Schneier
banking, compliance, FDIC, regulations, Regulatory Compliance

I can’t think of any more telling comment about where I am in my professional life than what I’m about to offer:

Sheila Bair rocks!

If you don’t know who she is, well, shame on you.  Because...

April 21, 2009  8:12 PM

FDIC: More than just a sticker on the bank’s door.

Posted by: David Schneier
banking, FDIC, Regulatory Compliance

I opened my front door last week and found my industry waiting for me on my very own doorstep, seriously. The Raleigh News and Observer had a story on page one about how U.S. Senator Richard Burr called his family during the early days of the banking crisis last Fall and...

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