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July 21, 2012  8:25 PM

CFPB: Filling the regulatory void left by Sheila Bair

Posted by: David Schneier
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I was an unabashed fan of Sheila Bair and made no secret of that fact.  She was a breath of fresh air in a line of work where everything is stale and always at least a little boring.  Not that Martin Gruenberg is any less effective running the FDIC, he's just a whole lot less interesting to pay...

April 14, 2012  2:23 PM

Anyone remember the Heartland breach?

Posted by: David Schneier
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Two weeks ago news broke about a huge, massive leak of credit card information from a processor called Global Payments and I braced for a firestorm of media coverage that was sure to follow.  Two weeks hence and it's pretty much a non-event.  A few days ago the State of Utah reported a breach of...

May 23, 2009  6:53 PM

Red Flags and contractors

Posted by: Marcia Savage
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I attended an ISSA-Silicon Valley chapter meeting this week, where the featured speaker, Jim Anderson, gave an...


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