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June 1, 2012  4:55 PM

5 Top Reasons Behind All Problems In Project Management Part I

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
customer requirement, project management, team management, team sizing

Though it is difficult the assume in advance what kind of problems will percolate during a particular project but more or less all kind of problems faced during a project execution/ deployment/ management can be segregated in five top most reasons or categories. These generic segments/ reasons/...

July 24, 2011  2:18 PM

Six Sins At Product Development Stage That Can Lead Project To Disaster

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
customer requirement, development plan, development team, project management, Project Plan, QA, QC, quality assurance, quality control, software development, Software Project, team management

Requirement Coverage: Requirement gathering and its documentation both need to be crisply and completely covered. Any lack in either of the activity is like a volcano in the making. In fact 88 percent of project failures worldwide are due to wrong or incomplete requirement...

May 30, 2011  11:00 AM

Four Simple Tools To Enhance Project Success Rate

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
project management, Software Proejct, team management

Success of a project depends on many factors. To name a few would be Team composition, team size, project management methodology, benchmarking, optimization, time management, resource management, monitoring and so on. The list may go endless. Besides all mentioned above, some...

May 25, 2011  11:20 AM

Three Initiators To Lead A Team Without Being Team Leader

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
project management, project team, Software Project, software team, team management

1. Proactive And Intuitive: Alternatively imagine of a team that wakes up only when the water has reached till neck height will take four times of efforts to resolve the same issues. That means a proactive approach is always good with a good flavour of intuitive power. Being...

May 23, 2011  11:31 AM

Understanding A Complex Situation Is First Mantra Of Success For A Project Team

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
project management, Software Project, team management

Sole purpose of team formation is to manage a tough task collectively and finding out success paths collectively. A team shares success and failures together even if few among all members are responsible for it. Each member of team is supposed to benefit project progress in one way...

May 23, 2011  10:49 AM

Project Team Sizing And Optimizing

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
project management, project team, Software Project, team management

Best part in a team versus an individual is that a single person will think only with his brain having no discussions, brainstorming, alternatives and different perspectives. A team comprises of different heads, having different ways of thinking and tacking situations. In a group...

May 18, 2011  12:20 PM

Dynamic Team Vs Static Team

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
project management, project team, Software Project, team management

Imagine that you start your new venture. This venture has no scope of any recruitment in the beginning and there is only a small office with you to start your operations. Gradually there is an ample scope of expansion of business, more office space, recruitment of staff etc. during...

April 26, 2011  11:29 AM

Success Failure Product And Techies

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
project management, project success, software product, Software Project, team management

It is said that howsoever confidentially you keep information about what you have become, why and how it gets revealed at sometime or the other during your career growth. There are three stages mainly during your career as far as failures and successes are concerned. They may...

February 23, 2011  11:48 AM

Innovative Project Management And Project Harnessing

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
empowerment, project control, project drive, project harness, project management, Software Project, team management

Every organization has a maturity level. This level defines or controls a level of that organization to acquire a capability of solving problems. No organization at any level of maturity is strong enough to tackle all problems, every organization faces two sets of problems in their...

January 19, 2011  11:45 AM

Ten Facts About Product Backlog

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
Product backlog, project management, project team, Software Project, team management

  • 1. Product backlog is dynamic in nature. 2. Product backlog needs regular analysis, planning, and re-planning. 3. Product backlog cannot be allocated to development team as a whole. 4. Product backlog subcomponent cannot be given to any of the team members. 5. Prioritizing and...

  • August 5, 2010  11:50 AM

    Six Project Catalysts For Project Management

    Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
    delivery process, development process, process management, project governance, project management, project metrics, project optimization, project team, project traceability, software development, Software Project, team management

    Delivery Process: Delivery rate and delivery volume is directly proportional to productivity of various teams. Delivery of product depends on rate of development and testing, delivery of implementation depends on speed of implementation and so on. A process for delivery will focus...

    June 1, 2009  9:00 AM

    Ten Components of a post implementation review

    Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
    key user management, post implementation review, product acceptance, product building, product development, product friendliness, product maturity, product usefulness, project effectiveness, project implementation process, project requirements, Risk Management, risk perception, software business, software implementation, Software Project, software project management, team management

    What is post implementation review? When it should be done? Why is it required? All this has been discussed in last three posts. Let us now understand what ideally would be the components of a post implementation review. As discussed earlier, some components can be answered immediately at the...

    March 23, 2009  10:30 AM

    20 most powerful and Smart weapons for Project Manager to Lead in Recession Period

    Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
    ascending approach, best result, brainstorming, cornerstone, experience, innovation, knowledge, linchpin, organizational interest, product and quality, product knowledge, product quality, project management, project manager, Project Plan, project team, QA, QC, quality, quality assurance, quality control, quality dependence, quality issue, quality manager, quality strength, recession, scarcity of business, smart weapon, software business, software organization, Software Project, software team, team culture, team management, thinking, win-win situation, wisdom

    Due to recession, there is scarcity of business and projects for software organizations. In such a situation, the projects in hand (and the forthcoming ones) have to be handled very carefully for a win-win situation. To attain that, there are certain smart weapons that a project manager needs to be...

    March 20, 2009  10:42 AM

    How to manage new entrant in a project team

    Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
    project management, project manager, Software Project, software team, team leader, team management

    A new entrant at any level should never be burdened (leave aside “overburdened”), and an ample time should be given to him to prepare himself for the forthcoming project(s). If already there is a load of work, the minimum should fall on the new entrant, rest should be shared among the existing...

    February 20, 2009  11:05 AM

    Project Manager should be like Chesley Sullenberger

    Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
    Management Skills, project management, project manager, Software Project, team management

    Recently a US passenger Airbus had a serious problem just after it took off from the Airport. The plane suddenly lost power in both engines, and pilot Chesley Sullenberger judged that it would be too difficult either to return to the airport of departure or to land at a nearby airport. Instead,...

    February 16, 2009  11:10 AM

    Dear Project Manager – Are your efforts in tune with your schedules (goals?)

    Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
    project goals, project management, project manager, Project Plan, software, software development, Software Project, team management

    During one of my initial management trainings (years back) I learnt the different between hard worker and smart worker. This example I could never forget even after so many years. Example of a hard worker is a person who comes to office in the morning, puts off his shirt, start pushing a wall, and...

    January 14, 2009  10:10 AM

    Digging the 10 precious ‘Experience’ Treasures

    Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
    Bug Management, business management, CRD, customer requirements, Customer Requirements Document, SDLC, team management

    Past is not to be buried. It contains a treasure called EXPERIENCE. In software development this treasure is of ample importance for acquiring skills required to handle the unwarranted turns and twists during the development (and implementation) period. What we can learn from the past is the...

    January 2, 2009  9:45 AM

    Timesheet – its purpose, use and importance

    Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
    developer, Development Manager, measuring effectiveness, Project Development, project management, project manager, software, software development, tasksheet, team management, tester, timesheet

    In an organization engaged in software development business, timesheet is filled by all developers and testers working on any project. Timesheet a sheet of pre-formatted fields in which daily tasks performed by each person are filled in their individual sheet. The intent of timesheet varies from...

    December 8, 2008  10:07 AM

    15 checkpoints for a Project Manager at the start of a new Project

    Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
    ChangeManagement, development approach, implementation approach, measuring effectiveness, metrics, project implementation, project management, project manager, software development, team management

    Usually at the start of a new project, a project manager has to forget the sad points of the previous projects and also to get to ground from the unusual achievements too. At this juncture a project manager is supposed to start afresh with new zeal, a new team or new members in the team, a new...


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