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March 4, 2009  10:03 AM

10 top “Do this if you want blunders!” in Software Development and Software Testing

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
business requirements, change management, Code library, Code repository, development plan, implementation plan, organizational goals, product development, project close-out, project documentation, project management, project methodologies, Project Plan, project standards, Quality Goals, requirements analysis, Risk Management, Risk Plan, software development, software development methodologies, software development standards, Software Project, software quality, Software Repository, software testing, SQA, SQC, test case, test case repository, Test Plan, test standards, time to test, top management requirements

1. Quality Goals are meant only for Quality Department: No department other than quality (project management, product development, documentation, general management etc.) has to read, understand and learn about the quality goals of the organization. It is only the responsibility of...

February 18, 2009  10:02 AM

Dear Product Manager don’t cheat your customer by bypassing final ‘testing’ of the product before launch

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
product development, product manager, project management, QA, QC, quality assurance, Software Project, Software Quality Control, SQA, SQC

When work pressures are too high, deadlines are on head, we tend to bypass our own standards, procedures and policies. A product manager if affords to skip testing for that purpose, that means he is committing a crime which is quite serious offense. Any management supporting this idea becomes part...

February 2, 2009  9:51 AM

A Note for budding stars – the testers! And a tip to QA Head

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
developer, QA, QC, quality head, quality manager, software, software quality, SQA, SQC, tester, testing

The young inexperienced or short experienced budding testers are the one who will determine the future of testing. This is the prime thing that the QA head has to keep in mind while grooming and mentoring them. The testers have to have a firm belief that the future of testing is going to be...

December 24, 2008  10:04 AM

Software Quality – Overlooked or Underestimated – both are dangerous!

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
ChangeManagement, Development Manager, Project Development, Project Lifecycle, project management, QA, QC, quality assurance, SDLC, software, software qa, software quality, software quality assurance, software testing, SQA

The goal of any software organization is to develop software applications in-house, or co-develop with an external agency, that meet and exceed internationally accepted quality standards. Every one knows it, that the key role in this is of QA department. With this intention, a dedicated QA...


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