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December 24, 2015  9:03 PM

Top 10 Posts For 2015

Jaideep Khanduja Jaideep Khanduja Profile: Jaideep Khanduja
business process management, information technology, Project management, Project Manager, Quality assurance, Software developer, Software project, Software Quality Assurance, Software testing

Top 10 Posts

There are 144 posts for the year 2015. Top 10 posts are based on the readership. Every post has a different count of readers. The count varies from post to post. Some posts do much better than other posts. My top 10 posts for the year 2015 are mentioned below. The blog...

July 31, 2015  10:11 PM

Why Is Software Testing Important For A Project?

Jaideep Khanduja Jaideep Khanduja Profile: Jaideep Khanduja
Project management, Quality control, Software testing, Testing

Software testing is as important during a project lifecycle as hard disciplined practice for a contestant preparing himself for a gold medal in Olympics. During this exhaustive practice, the player tries to overcome all his flaws and shortcomings. For this the player need to understand first the...

July 26, 2015  1:32 AM

Difference between Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Jaideep Khanduja Jaideep Khanduja Profile: Jaideep Khanduja
Quality assurance, Quality control, Software testing

Software Testing is under the preview of Quality Control. The quality control team ascertains and ensures the software testing. There are many aspects of software testing and hence is possible to perform automated testing with the help of software testing tools. It is not possible to perform...


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