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risk impact


April 6, 2009  10:29 AM

Six facts about software application risks

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
countermeasure, fool-proofing, impact analysis, Project Lifecycle, risk assessment, risk identification, risk impact, Risk lifecycle, Risk Management, risk severity, SDLC, Software application, software project management

Similar to SDLC (software development lifecycle management), there is RLC or Risk lifecycle management in a software application in which there are different stages involved. The different stages could be risk identification, risk assessment, impact analysis, countermeasure identification,...

April 2, 2009  10:06 AM

Different Software Applications have different set of Risks involved

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
application availability, bank application, high risk, low risk, medium risk, risk, Risk analysis, risk impact, Software application, software availability, software requirement, software usage, software user volume, vulnerability

Any activity is never without risk involved in it. Risk could be classified in different categories like - low, medium or high depending on its impact, software’s requirements and purpose, software usage, and software user volume. Accordingly the risks are identified or rather perceived. Their...


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