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February 9, 2011  10:47 AM

Is Quality Expense Or Income For Software Development Organization

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
product quality, project management, project quality, QA, QC, quality assurance, quality control, software development, software product, Software Project

Is QA, or for that sake QC, an expense or an income for an organization engaged in software development commercially. A step further would be to ask if software development itself is an expense or an income for the same organization. No software is built for charity purposes by any...

October 9, 2009  1:17 PM

What sort of driver are you?

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
customer requirement, product quality, Project Development, project implementation, project management, project manager, project stage, quality, software delivery, Software Project, software quality

I have seen different type of drivers on road: some drive very fast violating all rules and regulations to reach the destination. Can this attitude work in software development and delivery? I don’t think so, if the project manager is more worried about reaching the implementation stage without...

July 20, 2009  10:00 AM

Responsibility of a tester – a different perspective

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
bugs report, code writing, coding, customer requirement, developer, Development, development team, product quality, project management, QC, quality, quality control, software product, Software Project, software quality, test case, test report, tester, testing report

The responsibility of a tester is to ensure the peace of mind of the end users who are going to use the software product. Another target should be to safeguard customer's investment in the product. In order to discharge this responsibility, the tester should focus all his skills on understanding...

March 23, 2009  10:30 AM

20 most powerful and Smart weapons for Project Manager to Lead in Recession Period

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
ascending approach, best result, brainstorming, cornerstone, experience, innovation, knowledge, linchpin, organizational interest, product and quality, product knowledge, product quality, project management, project manager, Project Plan, project team, QA, QC, quality, quality assurance, quality control, quality dependence, quality issue, quality manager, quality strength, recession, scarcity of business, smart weapon, software business, software organization, Software Project, software team, team culture, team management, thinking, win-win situation, wisdom

Due to recession, there is scarcity of business and projects for software organizations. In such a situation, the projects in hand (and the forthcoming ones) have to be handled very carefully for a win-win situation. To attain that, there are certain smart weapons that a project manager needs to be...


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