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Product backlog


January 19, 2011  11:49 AM

Backlog Monitoring Helps Greatly In Accurate Estimations

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
Product backlog, project management, Software Project, team sizing

There is a strong relationship between backlog and estimations oblique planning. In software project management during development phase development team is deeply engrossed in development of product in question. There has to be somebody who needs to minutely analyze backlog at...

January 19, 2011  11:45 AM

Ten Facts About Product Backlog

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
Product backlog, project management, project team, Software Project, team management

  • 1. Product backlog is dynamic in nature. 2. Product backlog needs regular analysis, planning, and re-planning. 3. Product backlog cannot be allocated to development team as a whole. 4. Product backlog subcomponent cannot be given to any of the team members. 5. Prioritizing and...

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