Quality Assurance and Project Management:

January, 2012


January 28, 2012  1:54 PM

Scope Creep Can Turn Your Whole Project Into Creep

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
project failure, project management, project manager, Project Risk, project success

Based on a report published on a research site, scope creep is one of the biggest culprits responsible for failure of project. Scope creep is nothing but shortfalls in the requirement gathering from...

January 28, 2012  1:12 PM

An International Research Group Says only 15 Out of 100 Projects Face Success

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
info-tech research, project failure, project management, project success

As per a report published by Info-Tech Research Group, in last two years there is a meagre 15 percent of organization across the globe that have been able to finish projects within the projected limits of time, budget and scope. It is really good to see that somewhere some group is able to achieve...

January 26, 2012  6:07 PM

How Much Sales Pitch Is Required In Project Manager

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
project management, project manager, Software Project

Sales department is the one that brings in the business for any organization. Most of the sales start with leads and cold calls which gradually transform into hot calls, though not all. Once customer show willingness towards product, sales team pushes the lead to techo-team so as to educate...

January 24, 2012  5:32 PM

Five Deadly Sins Of PMO

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
pmo, project management, project management office, project manager

PMO comprises of the core members of project management responsible to drive project in right direction under all kind of opposing situations. It is responsibility of PMO to ensure that project has to meet all milestones in project timeframe so as to reach to its final destination of success. Any...

January 24, 2012  5:18 PM

Do You Make Your Apple Tree Project Bear Poisonous Fruits

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
project failure, project management, project success, Software Project

We all are human beings. Projects are made to be driven not only by human beings but it implies to all living world. Project comprise of deadlines, targets, follow-ups, meetings, team creation, team management, and so on. An apple plant has a target to bear apples when it grows into a tree. How...

January 22, 2012  5:17 PM

Five Ways to Ensure Project Failure

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
project failure, project management, project manager

There are ways to make a project successful and more number of ways to find out excuses for failures. There is no project that does not encompass of showstoppers, critical or serious issues. Most of the senior team members are always prepared to come across any unwanted or untoward issues arising...

January 21, 2012  6:14 PM

What Is The Carbon Footprint Of Your Project

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
carbon footprint, Project

Project execution comprises of various efforts done by team members. This becomes a pool of energy moving in the direction of making a project successful. More collated form of energies generates higher chances of success of their efforts. Right form of energy in right direction at right...

January 20, 2012  6:46 PM

Do You As A Project Manager Fail To Manage Your Virtual Team

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja

Do you feel physical presence of your team around you is important and is the only way to manage them or control them. Do you think that your team should report to you and keep you making feel important all the time because you are Project Manager and as per your perception you are one of the key...

January 15, 2012  3:35 PM

Five Important Tips for Test Team in a Project Part II

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja

This is in continuation from previous post... 3. Test Cases: Never underestimate product’s capabilities, customer’s expectations and development team’s performance. Besides all good factors, there are always chances of things going weird, not because someone intentionally wants it to...

January 15, 2012  3:29 PM

Five Important Tips for Test Team in a Project Part I

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja

Test team has an important role to play which leads to project success. It is said that the time required for development and testing should never be compromised. A small amount of ignorance at any of these two stages may lead to a big disaster at a later stage. This does not mean that all other...

January 11, 2012  5:53 PM

If Plans Lead to Hiccups Project Should be Executed in Without Plans

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja

There are least chances of failure if you let life go as it is. Having no targets in life, no plans to execute, no aspirations to achieve, no dreams to live with and no ambitions can give you a trouble free time in life. Do you think it is true? Real way of achieving success in any kind of...

January 11, 2012  5:45 PM

Various Tangential Impacts of Project Management

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
project execution, Project Lifecycle, project management, project phase

Probably it is quite uncertain to predict that a project will run smooth throughout and will face no troubles of any kind during its any of the phases. It is practically impossible to believe it and claim at all about any kind of project sizing from very small to any big size. Troubles and hiccups...


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