Quality Assurance and Project Management:

May, 2010


May 31, 2010  10:01 AM

Two Types of Constraints in Project Management

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
capacity constraint, project constraint, project drive, project goals, project management, Project Plan, project task, quality constraint, Risk Management, Software Project

Tasks and Constraints go hand in hand. Life is full of tasks. So is a Project. Project Management consists of lot of planning and re-planning. If everything goes smooth as per plan, there is never a need of re-planning. In real-life scenario this doesn’t happen. Constraints are...

May 28, 2010  8:20 AM

Five Benefits of Software Testing On Cloud

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
cloud computing, project management, Software Project, software testing, tester

In a normal scenario testing of a product is done within the organization by the quality/ test team members. Lately as cloud computing came into the picture, a new concept of testing on cloud has emerged, though not many companies have jumped into it. Testing on cloud carried quite a...

May 26, 2010  12:14 PM

Eight Mantras To Win Over Battling Project Targets

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
project management, project monitoring, Project Plan, project progress, project quality, Project Status, project strategy, project target, project team, Software Project

Project Management is involves strategy, plan and intuition. A project may be complex to manage if project targets are not indentified properly. It may be simple to manage if project targets are identified, risks perceived correctly and risk mitigation plan is made a important...

May 24, 2010  11:18 AM

IT Organization and Best Practices

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
best practices, business reputation, business value, global standards, IT organization

Earlier IT organizations used to focus on technology and its synchronization with internal needs. But this focus has steeply shifted to an in depth selection of right technology out of all possible available in the market and its maximum utilization to cater to the end users who in...

May 21, 2010  10:45 AM

Project Management and Project Functions

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
project function, project management, Software Project

Project comprises of many functions. Each function’s identification, staging and monitoring is prime during all stages of the project. Function’s progress indicates the progress of overall project. A broken function means an immediate attention. Attention will be possible only...

May 20, 2010  10:45 AM

Project Management and Project Data

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
Project data, project management, Software Project

Data collected for any purpose is useless in three cases – one, if it is not collected in standardized form, two, if it is being collected just for the sake of collection thereby not doing any analysis and three, if no thought process is gone on analyzed data to improve the...

May 19, 2010  10:48 AM

Project Management and Post Project Closure Scenario

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
project closure, project management, project sign-off, Software Project

After the completion of a software project, the project closure report or project sign off starts a new experience. The users start practical usage of the product in live scenario. The management starts expecting the useful information in form of reports and screens to manage the...

May 18, 2010  12:13 PM

How Important is Support Data

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
project management, project support, Software Project, support data

Post implementation support includes customer registering the problems related to the product and the product owner resolving it. There has to be an agreement or contract of service that defines the level of support. Customer may report about a problem in...

May 17, 2010  12:12 PM

Post Implementation Support Data Delivers Product Health Report

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
Post implementation support, project health, project management, Software Project

Product is understood, developed and implemented. Sign off has been taken, and post implementation report is submitted. All is well so far. What now? Next leap of journey begins. The product usage, results expectations and problems encounter. Users get into the...

May 13, 2010  12:29 PM

Project Management and Project Direction

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
project management, project manager, Software Project

If the Project Manager doesn’t know the direction of the wind, he can’t be a good sailor. To drive a project a project manager need to set certain milestones. To make these milestones achievable on a regular basis (weekly, daily, hourly) he needs to break these milestones into...

May 12, 2010  10:50 AM

Project Management and Project Performance

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
project management, project performance, Software Project

Project performance is the resultant of performance of each and every component of the project. Components of the project means – various team members. These team members are assigned various tasks and sub tasks of the project. The result of these assignments collectively draws...

May 11, 2010  11:19 AM

Project Management and Project Results

Posted by: Jaideep Khanduja
project management, project result, Software Project

Every project has a number of milestones. The achievement of each milestone establishes a landmark covered in the project thereby reducing the distance to the final destination. The milestone is divided into a number of tasks which are further divided into sub-tasks. A set of tasks...


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