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September 11, 2008  6:45 PM

HP QuickTest Pro 10 Beta

Posted by: Sentinel627
Functional testing, HP Quality Center, HP QuickTest Professional, Software Quality

My current employer is about to participate in a beta test for HP's QuickTest Professional 10 release, also known as "Atlantis". This release was demo'ed at HP's Software Universe expo this summer. I did not attend this event, but from what I have read, it has some long-awaited...

September 1, 2008  3:36 AM

Virtualization: the ‘QuickTest Appliance’ Concept

Posted by: Sentinel627
Functional testing, HP Quality Center, HP QuickTest Professional, Software Quality, Virtualization

VMWare Server is a great product. It can be used to host Virtual Machines (VMs) that operate independently from each other and from the host server, creating a tightly controlled test execution environment. Here's an example: QTP VM...</p>			</div>

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August 29, 2008  3:23 AM

Developing Effective Test Plans for Automation

Posted by: Sentinel627
Software Quality

An application test plan should contain a minimum set of optimized test cases with maximum test coverage of all critical application functions. It should be executed using a tool that easily adapts to changing data and requirements. In order to create an effective automation test, it is first...

August 29, 2008  2:51 AM

Have YOU been abducted by test tools?

Posted by: Sentinel627
Software Quality

Have You Been ABDUCTED by Your Test Automation Tools? Here are some simple questions that you need to ask yourself: #1. Have you experienced missing or lost time of any length, particularly of one or more hours, waiting for a screen to...

August 29, 2008  12:38 AM

Automation Test Data Management (TDM)

Posted by: Sentinel627
Software Quality

Test Data Management (TDM) is fundamental to the success of automated testing. For example, consider that one of the most beneficial forms of test automation is data-driven testing, which gives testers the ability to input and manipulate massive amounts of data in a relatively short period of time....

August 27, 2008  3:16 AM

Automation, the Cold Equation

Posted by: Sentinel627
Software Quality

One of my passions is reading science fiction, and I remember a story called The Cold Equations. In this rather sad tale, no matter how much the characters want to change the way things are, they can't, the inevitable outcome is dictated...

August 23, 2008  12:28 AM

How to Implement a Functional Test Automation Methodology

Posted by: Sentinel627
Software Quality

A lot of people talk about using a "Methodology", but what does that really mean? There are many complicated meanings for the word "methodology" itself, in Wikipedia and elsewhere. Personally, I have always taken it to mean "writing down (the -ology part) the way things are done (the method part)...

August 21, 2008  3:25 AM

function junction: File System Object

Posted by: Sentinel627
Development, Functional testing, HP QuickTest Professional, Software Quality

Writing functions that make use of the methods exposed by the Windows file system object might seem trivial at first, but take my word for it, it is a worthwhile activity. If you use HP QuickTest Pro for test automation, or even need to do some system maintenance with VBScript, these simple scripts...

August 16, 2008  6:43 PM

Introduction to HP QuickTest Pro Objects

Posted by: Sentinel627
Functional testing, HP QuickTest Professional, Microsoft Windows, Software Quality

HP QuickTest Professional uses an Object Repository to store information about the various fields and controls used to build the user interface of a software application. This repository is essentially a database of the names and properties of all the objects encountered during test script...

August 16, 2008  5:47 PM

Creating a Solid Test Automation Framework with QTP

Posted by: Sentinel627
Functional testing, HP Quality Center, HP QuickTest Professional, Software Quality

HP's QuickTest Pro can itself be used to build a test automation framework. Listed below are some of the characteristics you should take into consideration during the design phase. Test automation scripts and functions should:

  • Be Reusable and...

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