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March 30, 2012  8:49 AM

PowerShell in Practice offer today only

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
Active Directory, Books, Hyper-V, Network, Operating System, PowerShell, Processor, Registry, WMI

Manning have PowerShell in Practice on a half price offer today. Go to www.manning.com and use code dotd0330cc when ordering

March 11, 2012  8:40 AM

PowerShell books–March 2012

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
Books, PowerShell 3, PowerShell v2

Back in January last year I posted about my preferred set of PowerShell books.

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March 6, 2012  12:50 PM

PowerShell v3 in Depth–offer

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
Books, PowerShell 3


I announced the availability of PowerShell v3 in Depth on Manning’s Early Access Programme

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March 2, 2012  1:09 PM

PowerShell v3 in Depth

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
Books, PowerShell 3

Hot on the heels on the announcements of that PowerShell v3 beta is available for download either as a free standalone product for installation on Windows 7, Windows 2008 & Windows 2008 R2 or as a commercial product where an operating system is included – Windows 8 or Windows server 8 to...

January 12, 2012  3:25 PM

Friday 13th

Posted by: Richard Siddaway

Tomorrow is Friday 13th and Manning are offering $13 off any purchase at manning.com.

This would be a good time to get a copy of PowerShell in Practice or PowerShell and WMI

use code “fri1312” at checkout

September 3, 2011  6:09 AM

Book offers

Posted by: Richard Siddaway


Manning has a good offer on its books this weekend

Saturday, September 3: Save 50% on all eBooks.
Sunday, September 4 : Save 50% on all print books.

August 29, 2011  3:05 AM

Deal of the Day–PowerShell

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
Books, PowerShell v2

PowerShell and WMI is Manning’s deal of the day – 50% off print or e-book.


The deal also extends to PowerShell in Practice and PowerShell in Action 2E

See www.manning.com...

August 20, 2011  12:29 PM

Powershell and WMI–MEAP Chapters 12 and 13

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
Books, PowerShell, WMI

Chapters 12 and 13 have been added to the early access program.


Chapter 12: Internet Information Server (IIS) may not be the first application that comes to mind when we think of using WMI to administer remote servers, but it provides a lot of functionality. You'll learn...

August 17, 2011  2:19 AM

Half price PowerShell books

Posted by: Richard Siddaway

Check www.manning .com for a half price deal on PoweShell books:

  • PowerShell in Practice
  • PowerShell and WMI
  • PowerShell in Action
  • Learn PowerShell in a month of lunches
Hurry. Today only!

August 9, 2011  12:58 PM

Book review: SQL Server DMVs in Action

Posted by: Richard Siddaway

Title: SQL Server DMVs in Action

Author: Ian Stirk

Publisher: Manning

ISBN: 978-1-935182-73-3


DMVs are Dynamic Management Views – they were introduced in SQL Server 2005 and further refined in SQL Server 2008. They maintain information about whats...

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