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July, 2011

July 31, 2011  9:11 AM

PowerShell Cheat Sheet

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
PowerShell v2

This may be useful for people starting PowerShell. If you can’t remember what punctuation sign does what in PowerShell get a copy of this cheat sheet

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July 31, 2011  3:22 AM

Live Mesh Update

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
Windows 7

Couple of points worth noting if you are going to use Live Mesh

(1) File paths longer than 269 characters (folder paths > 248) won’t sync  - shorten the path to fix

(2) PST files won’t sync – even if they are not in use


By default Mesh wants...

July 30, 2011  11:03 AM

Live Mesh

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
Windows 7

One problem I’ve had for a while is how to keep my script library synchronised across a number of machines.  I have a laptop I use for my development work at home and I have two netbooks – at least one of which is always with my when I’m away from home.

I’ve tried using...

July 29, 2011  3:08 PM

Network Adapter speed and duplex

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
Network, PowerShell v2, WMI

One thing that can cause problems on the network is the duplex setting on the network adapter.  If this doesn’t match the switch port then at best you will get performance issues and at worst no connectivity.

The speed of the connection can be obtained from Win32_NetworkAdapter...

July 28, 2011  9:56 AM

The New IT?

Posted by: Richard Siddaway

A recent headline asked "How will you fit into the New IT?"

My answer is what new IT?

I have been working in IT for well over 20 years and in that time I can't remember a period when there wasn't a significant change coming:

  • introduction of PCs
  • growth of...

July 27, 2011  2:54 AM

Just a thought

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
PowerShell v2, WMI

I’ve working with WMI a lot recently and frequently seen things like this

Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_OperatingSystem -ComputerName dc02

Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_ComputerSystem -ComputerName dc02

Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_LogicalDisk -ComputerName dc02

Each of...

July 24, 2011  12:13 PM

PowerShell remoting–User group meeting

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
PowerShell, User Group

Final reminder for the user group meeting on Tuesday 26 July

Details from:

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July 22, 2011  1:43 PM

Can I? Should?–copying VBscripts

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
Operating System, WMI

One of the major errors I see PowerShell newcomers performing is copying script structures and syntax of VBScript into PowerShell. Let me give you an example

This piece of VBScript is borrowed from the Windows 2000 scripting guide


strComputer = "."

July 20, 2011  3:09 PM

Can I? Should I?–examples–legacy scripts

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
PowerShell v2

In this post http://msmvps.com/blogs/richardsiddaway/archive/2011/07/17/can-i-should-i.aspx I stated that PowerShell...

July 20, 2011  2:49 PM

July 2011–User Group reminder

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
PowerShell v2, User Group

Next Tuesday – 26 July there will be a UK user group session looking at PowerShell remoting:

  • cmdlets with remoting capabilities
  • .NET remoting capabilities
  • Invoke-Command
  • PowerShell sessions
  • WinRm and WSMan cmdlets

Details on joining the live...

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