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April, 2010

April 9, 2010  12:42 PM

PowerShell for DNS

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
DNS, PowerShell v2

I’ve blogged on a number of occasions on how to use the DNS WMI provider. Life just got easier with the release of DnsShell.  Its a PowerShell 2.0 module containing cmdlets for working with DNS. Underneath the covers there is a lot of WMI involved. The module is still a work in progress...

April 2, 2010  11:14 AM

Shares: Discovering

Posted by: Richard Siddaway


As I said last time I’ve modified the Get-Share function to accept a share name.

April 2, 2010  11:07 AM

Shares: Modifying

Posted by: Richard Siddaway

So far we’ve seen how to discover and create shares.  How do we alter a share?

When we created a share we supplied a number of pieces of information:

  1. folder path
  2. name
  3. type – disk share
  4. maximum number of connections
  5. ...

April 1, 2010  12:48 PM

MVP re-award

Posted by: Richard Siddaway

I had a very nice email from the Microsoft MVP award program today informing me that I had been re-awarded as a PowerShell MVP.

Its a great honour to receive the MVP award and thank you to Microsoft for the award and to the PowerShell community for supporting my efforts.

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