PowerShell for Windows Admins:

February, 2010

February 24, 2010  1:12 PM

Windows PowerShell Community Review

Posted by: Richard Siddaway


Have you ever read Help that wasn't really helpful? Here's your chance to fix it.

The Windows PowerShell documentation team and PowerShellCommunity.org jointly sponsor the Windows PowerShell Community Doc Review. As a member, you'll get to read and comment on the...

February 18, 2010  3:54 PM

CPU data

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
Hardware, Processor


We all want to know about the CPU(s) in our systems – after all that’s what makes them go

February 16, 2010  4:11 PM

Disks: CD Drives

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
Disks, PowerShell v2

Just to finish off our look at disks – we’ll have a quick look at CD drives

February 13, 2010  11:08 AM

PowerShell in Practice deal

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
PowerShell v2

Manning are running a Deal of the Day Sunday 14 February for PowerShell in Practice


The deal is $15 for the ebook version.  Follow the link from http://www.manning.com/ and use discount code...

February 11, 2010  4:07 PM


Posted by: Richard Siddaway
Disks, PowerShell v2

Need to read just the volume labels on a system.  Try this

February 9, 2010  3:48 PM

UG Recording

Posted by: Richard Siddaway

Thank you to those people who joined the Live Meeting tonight. The recording details are below.  It will be available for 365 days from now.

Richard Siddaway has invited you to view a Microsoft Office Live Meeting recording.

February 8, 2010  2:10 PM

Defragmenting a volume

Posted by: Richard Siddaway


We have seen how to analyse a volume to see if it needs a defrag.  This is how we do it.  Modern windows systems will do a certain amount of defrag work automatically but sometimes we need to help them out.


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February 7, 2010  4:55 AM

PowerShell, WMI and WQL

Posted by: Richard Siddaway
PowerShell v2, WMI

Don’t forget the PowerShell UG Live Meeting on Tuesday 9 February at 7:30 GMT . Details can be found here

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February 6, 2010  1:22 PM

Defrag Analysis Part 2

Posted by: Richard Siddaway

Last time we saw how to check whether a single volume needs a defrag run.  Usually our servers have a number of volumes – ideally we want to check all of them together

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February 5, 2010  3:25 PM

Defrag Analysis

Posted by: Richard Siddaway

One nasty fact of life we have to deal with as admins is disk fragmentation. We can discover how fragmented our disks are by Opening the Start Menu – Admin tools – Computer Management – Disk Management – pick a volume – click analyse.  My fingers ache from all this clicking.


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