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February 2, 2010  4:53 PM

Overheard – Wireless Distribution System

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
802.11, Mobile, Wireless, wireless distribution system

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April 6, 2009  5:37 PM

Overheard – Single stream 802.11n for the iPhone?

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
802.11, MIMO, Wireless

802.11n was developed as a range and speed booster, employing multiple antennas and two or more radios to work...

January 8, 2009  3:44 PM

Overheard – 2009, the year of the netbook

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
netbook, Wireless

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November 24, 2008  3:33 PM

Overheard: What’s another name for white space device? Brick

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
FCC, testing, white space device, Wireless

shellypalmer.jpg Unfortunately for the companies developing these devices, they've yet to demonstrate a device that...

November 11, 2008  2:51 AM

Overheard: Cognitive radio will change wireless fee structures

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
cognitive radio, Wireless, wireless spectrum

radio-wave.jpg The potential for cognitive radio technology to redefine existing wireless services becomes clear when one...

November 3, 2008  8:59 PM

Overheard: White space, the Dixie Chicks and wireless microphones

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
CDMA, FCC, FDMA, Technology, white space, Wireless

wirelessmicrophone.jpg As part of an ongoing effort to bar internet devices from the country's television white...

July 22, 2008  4:22 PM

Overheard: Municipal wireless and privacy

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Wi-fi, WiMAX, Wireless

wifi_logo.jpg While some cities have seen their dreams of providing wireless Internet access for all fade, others have forged...

May 19, 2008  12:46 PM

Overheard: WiMAX gets a marketing makeover

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
broadband, Mobile, Wireless


March 27, 2008  12:44 PM

Overheard: WildCharge is the real deal

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
power, Wireless

katherine_boehret.jpg I set my WildCharge pad up on my nightstand. After a phone chat, I tossed my RAZR cellphone over...

March 25, 2008  1:53 PM

Overheard: Forget hiding your SSID — pay attention to what you name it

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Security, SSID, Technology, Wireless, WLAN

lphifer-sm.jpg Many people (including myself) have tried to "hide" SSID as a security measure. Unfortunately, efforts to hide...

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