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July 20, 2008  1:01 PM

Overheard: Feature lust can be a bad thing

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Buzzwords, Storage, Vendors, virtual provisioning

chuck_hollis1.jpg Look, I fully understand being enamored with a new feature or a new technology. I have succumbed to...

July 20, 2008  12:39 PM

Overheard: Virtual provisioning is a Catch-22

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Storage, Storage Anarchist, storage management, virtual provisioning

barry_burke.jpg The storage admin now has a new use for the time freed up by fast-and-simple allocation: monitoring the use...

July 10, 2008  11:44 PM

Overheard: Microsoft Hyper-V will bring the small guy to virtualization fold

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Microsoft, Virtualization

charles_king_pundit.jpg I believe that one real area of opportunity for Hyper-V is in bringing...

June 5, 2008  12:07 PM

Overheard: Cloud computing too big a risk for mission critical apps

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cloud computing, risk management

paul-wallis.jpg The nature of Grid/Cloud computing means a business has to migrate its applications...

May 16, 2008  8:26 PM

Overheard: Google frogs going back to the small pond

Posted by: Margaret Rouse

adam_lashinsky.jpg It would be easy to dismiss the exodus of some of Google's best people if it...

April 25, 2008  4:53 PM

Overheard: Microsoft Live Mesh is JBOF (just a bunch of feeds)

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cloud computing, Live Mesh, Microsoft, Technology

live_mesh.jpg Bookmark and Share     0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

April 14, 2008  2:45 PM

Overheard: Salesforce – GoogleApps marriage takes place in the cloud

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cloud computing, CRM, Google, Google Apps, Technology

phil_wainewright.jpg Bookmark and Share     0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

April 8, 2008  2:50 PM

Overheard: Google platform-as-a-service (PaaS)

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
CRM, Google, Salesforce, Technology

dan_farber.jpg "Google could parlay its search and advertising technology, market dominance, and its infrastructure prowess...

April 3, 2008  11:51 AM

Overheard: Microsoft vs. VMware

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Microsoft, Technology, Virtualization, VMware

maureen-ogara.jpg In a dig at VMware, Microsoft claims the reason less than 10% of servers are virtualized today is because...

March 4, 2008  3:51 PM

Video: “V” stand for virtualization, sucka

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Video, Virtualization

Ever wonder what Mr. T is up to? He's doing video spots for Hitachi Data System Virtualization. [kml_flashembed movie="http://youtube.com/v/tW1S2tsxVHg" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

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