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January 9, 2008  3:26 PM

Overheard: FBI gets confused by their phone bill just like the rest of us

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Technology, Telecom

ryan-singel.jpg The FBI routinely failed to pay telecom companies promptly for providing phone and...

January 7, 2008  5:19 PM

Overheard: Analog TV is already dying, goodbye rabbit ears

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Technology, Telecom

rabbit_ears.jpg On Jan. 24, the FCC will begin auctioning off the spectrum currently used for analog...

December 5, 2007  8:32 PM

Overheard: Imagine never having to go outside to get a good connection

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
femtocell, Repeaters, Technology, Telecom

wimax-femtocell.png "If they catch on, femtocells have the potential to save carriers hundreds of millions of dollars in...

November 27, 2007  12:54 PM

Overheard: Mobile business model about to change

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Android, Google, Mobile, Telecom

google.jpg Google is going to put serious pressure on the wireless communications industry to change...

November 26, 2007  5:59 PM

Overheard: Telecommuters please report to the office

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
AT&T, Technology, Telecom, Telecommuting

att_logo.JPG AT&T is in the process of reconciling the human resources policies of the legacy...

November 14, 2007  8:34 PM

Overheard: Maybe I don’t want to hear you now

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Mobile, Technology, Telecom

 [kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/9eFOotpUjqk" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] "Well, this is one of the great blessings of the modern age – being always available. Or maybe it's not. I'm not sure." Rudy Guilani, speaking to the National Rifle...

November 13, 2007  3:44 AM

Overheard: Open Handset Alliance

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Android, Linux, Mobile, Technology, Telecom

john_forsyth.jpg "About every three months this year there has been a mobile Linux initiative of some sort launched. It's a...

November 8, 2007  5:13 AM

Overheard: Cone of silence is tempting, but illegal

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Mobile, Technology, Telecom

matt_richtel.jpg "The jamming technology works by sending out a radio signal so powerful that...

November 8, 2007  4:00 AM

Overheard: The Android has no clothes

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Android, Google, Mobile, Technology, Telecom

mitch-wagner.gif "Google's announcement of the new, "Android" smartphone platform had less substance than a fashion show at...

October 25, 2007  12:01 PM

Overheard: Verizon and AT&T

Posted by: Margaret Rouse

stephen-wildstrom.jpg "The fact is, the old Bell system that was broken up 25 years ago has reassembled itself into a...

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