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October 10, 2007  2:10 PM

Overheard: Is the Enterprise Service Bus just a bunch of hype, or do we really need it?

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
SOA, Technology

mark_richards.jpg "Too many times in this industry we get carried away with buzzwords and their...

October 10, 2007  6:40 AM

Overheard: VARs are the R of R&D

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Channel, Resellers, Technology, Vars

vlad_mazek.gif "In the long term, our VAR partners will give us feedback, feature suggestions, be our front line of support,...

October 9, 2007  6:37 PM

Overheard: Apple, the iPhone, Von Hippel and The Clash

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Apple, Economics, innovation, Technology

iphone_att.jpg "I think what’s very interesting is the fact that thanks to blogs and the popularity...

October 1, 2007  3:47 PM

Overheard: Web 2.0 programming

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Programming, Technology, Web 2.0, XML

web-20-programming.jpg "A very important aspect of XProc is that it will be a standard and have...

February 12, 2007  12:31 AM

Overheard: Vilfredo Pareto’s 80/20 rule

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
80/20 rule, Quality control, Technology

vilfredo_pareto.jpg 80% of the effects comes from 20% of the causes. Vilfredo...

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