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October 19, 2007  11:20 PM

Overheard: Network security is like a door…

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Intrusion detection, Security, Technology

johannesullrich.gif "Teaching network security for the SANS Institute, I am frequently asked, "Will our networks ever be...

October 19, 2007  8:00 PM

Overheard: You have a dominant hand, dominant eye and even a dominant foot. Why not a dominant side of the brain?

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Online learning, quiz, Technology, Training

October 19, 2007  9:59 AM

Overheard: Definition for Web 3.0

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Rdf, Semantic web, Technology, Web 2.0, Web 3.0

nova_spivack.jpg "Web 3.0, in my opinion is best defined as the third-decade of the Web (2010 - 2020), during which time...

October 19, 2007  9:17 AM

Overheard: Old-fashioned desktop phones

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Microsoft Windows, Technology, Telecom, Unified Communications

bill_gates.gif "Ten years from now, when people see a movie with an old desktop phone, you'll say, 'Oh yeah, we used to have...

October 16, 2007  2:48 PM

Overheard: Do you really need a 4 terabyte hard drive? YES!

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Storage, Technology

eric_gwinn.gif "The Library of Congress has 20.5 million cataloged books in its classification system. Half that collection...

October 15, 2007  6:19 PM

Overheard: The problem with Steve Ballmer

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Technology

ballmer2.gif "Bill Gates is leaving Microsoft, probably because he knows nothing can be done to plug the holes in the sinking...

October 14, 2007  2:16 PM

Overheard: Spammers are just direct mailers

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
certified email, Email marketing, Spam, Technology

daniel_terdiman.jpg "But spammers are not dumb. They're just direct mailers. They're going for...

October 14, 2007  12:51 PM

Overheard: Data analysis is scary

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Data analysis, DataManagement, Technology

rachel_hinman.jpg "Part of what makes data analysis scary is: 1) There is a lot of data and 2) It...

October 13, 2007  3:12 PM

Overheard: If you get the lead out, the tin man will have 5 o’clock shadow

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Green computing, Technology, tin whiskers

dr_richard_north.jpg "To prevent lead from being incinerated or accumulating in landfills after...

October 13, 2007  1:19 PM

Overheard – Forget about being a CIO when you grow up

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
CIO, Technology, Utility computing

nicholas_carr.jpg "We've entered the long twilight of the CIO position, a sign that information technology is finally...

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