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March 5, 2010  1:46 PM

Overheard talking about Blue Gene

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Blue Gene, Data Center, IBM, innovation, supercomputer

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December 11, 2008  3:48 PM

Overheard – IBM backing the World Community Grid distributed supercomputer

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
IBM, supercomputer, Technology, World Community Grid

stanley-litow.jpg "Forget about aliens, let’s cure AIDS." Stanley Litow,  quoting a commenter after the launch of the...

November 24, 2008  8:32 PM

Overheard: Beyond the petaflop

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
petaflop, supercomputer

doe.jpg Breaking the petaflop barrier, a feat that seemed astronomical just two years ago, won't just allow faster computations....

September 17, 2008  7:12 PM

Overheard: Excuse me, is that a supercomputer under your desk?

Posted by: Margaret Rouse
Cray, Microsoft, supercomputer

cray_cx1.jpg The CX1 is Cray's new personal supercomputer. The unit is small -- it's meant to fit beside a desk -- and it can be...


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